Our Washing Machine Reviews for 2021

Our Washing Machine Reviews For 2021

So you need a washing machine, and you probably need it right now! Here’s what to consider when buying, as well as 10 washing machine reviews for products available on the market today.

What to consider when choosing a washing machine

Available space is one of your first considerations. Measure the space available for the washing machine accurately, and take note of the water supply and drainage point locations. If you’re planning on getting a dryer, be sure to consider ventilation. Can you leave a window or door ajar to get rid of hot air?

You will also need to consider delivery, removal of the old washing machine and installation. It’s important to install a new machine correctly, otherwise it may leak or spin out of balance and cause damage. The best thing to do is to contact a professional on Gumtree and let them handle it.

Types of washing machines

There are three types of washing machines: front loaders with the door at the front of the machine, top loaders with the door on top and the washer-dryer combo.

Front loaders allow you to stack a dryer on top, conserving space. They are also more energy-efficient, use less water and are generally gentler on your clothes. Front loaders typically come in the 7–8 kg range and work particularly well for singles, couples and small families. Their cycle times tend to be a little longer—and you can’t interrupt the cycle to add that T-shirt you found behind the door.

Top loaders are great for larger families and can handle heavier loads (9–10 kg), usually at a lower purchase price than comparable size front loaders. They have much shorter cycle times and you can open the lid anytime to add clothes during the wash, except the spinning cycle (for your safety!).

Washer-dryer combos are more appropriate for small apartments where limited space is an issue, including for drying clothes. They are perfectly suited for couples living the European lifestyle in high-rise apartments.

Best front loader

Here are some of the best front loader brand and models:

1. Fisher and Paykel 8kg. You can load all types of clothing into these models and there are cycles from light delicates up to bulky soiled work clothes.

2. Bosch series 4, 7.5kg. Quiet and durable, with a reload function that allows you to add clothes during the wash.

3. Haier 8.5kg. Fast, quiet and energy-efficient.

4. Simpson 8kg Ezi. It has a 15-minute cycle for washes every day!

Best top loaders

If you prefer a top loader type, here are some of the best:

5. LG 8.5kg. Gives a quality wash with a good troubleshooter.

6. Samsung 8.5kg. Built to last and not to rust.

7. Fisher and Paykel 10kg. Includes allergy, easy iron and hand wash cycles.

8. Kogan 10kg. Has a large capacity and is generally relatively cheap.

Best washing machine-dryer combos

If you are looking at washer-dryer combos here are some of the best:

9. Electrolux 7.5kg. Has a great energy-saving rating.

10. Bosch series 6 8/4.5kg. Quiet and efficient.

Whatever your needs and budget, head over to Gumtree to find the washing machine for you!

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