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What is my car worth? And how do I sell it safely during the current climate of social distancing?

Car sellers have asked the first question ad infinitum, but the second is an entirely new concept for people, and businesses, as they are forced to rethink common practices during this global pandemic.

Gumtree Cars – the site where 150,000 unique visitors go every day – can help with the answers.

What Is The Value Of My Car?

This is a loaded question for those who are selling a car that has been a cherished possession for several years, because to some these vehicles are almost priceless.

But whether it’s a reluctant sale or you simply can’t wait to offload a car so you can upgrade to a newer model, determining the right selling price can be an agonising and anxious process.

So, imagine if there was a special online tool that could do the hard yards for you.

The Gumtree Cars Free Instant Car Valuation Tool does just that. Simply enter the registration plate and select the registered state of the vehicle you plan to sell and – before you would have time to ask, ‘What is my car worth?’– it will give you the average selling price for that vehicle.

The valuation is based on various factors and includes a guide to the average kilometres travelled based on the car’s age.

If your car is in great condition or has lower-than-average mileage, you have the option to price accordingly and towards or above the higher than the estimated value. Consider it a double bonus if your vehicle has both low kilometres and excellent presentation.

Exact vehicle specification is also important. Fitted optional features, for example, have the potential to increase the value of your car.

The Instant Car Valuation makes it even easier to sell your car on Gumtree because it gives you confidence in the selling price you choose. It can ensure you don’t price it too low and lose money or help you avoid asking an unrealistically high price that could scare off potential buyers.

If the description of your car is honest and your pricing is based around its Average Selling Price, this will also help negotiations – encouraging fairer offers from genuine buyers.

Of course, every buyer likes to think they’re getting a good deal – so take this into consideration when setting your original asking price – allowing some room for haggling.

How Do I Sell My Car During A Pandemic?

As a community platform, Gumtree’s main priority during these unprecedented times is the health and wellbeing of sellers and buyers. It is here to help people practise safe trading.

For buyers who are happy to come and inspect your car in person, you can help by cleaning it thoroughly beforehand (as well as after each test drive, for your peace of mind) – wiping down surfaces including the steering wheel. Social distancing can also be easily maintained.

Alternatively, you could provide potential buyers with a video inspection via your smartphone – a ‘live tour’ as such, showing them under the bonnet and inside the cabin.

You could even start the car so they can hear the engine. It also allows interested parties to ask you any questions – just as they would during a personal inspection.

If you are prepared to clean your car and conduct video inspections, as well as allow for funds to be transferred electronically, you can demonstrate your commitment to practising safe trading with Gumtree’s Contactless Trade badge.

When listing your car for sale, simply select the Contactless Trade option underneath the title and category. The badge will then be visible to buyers.

Start your fast and easy Gumtree Cars experience now.

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