Piecing together McDonalds Monopoly pieces with Gumtree

Mcdonalds Monopoly

If you happen to be one of the many who were dragged to your local Woolies for a Saturday afternoon swap meet to find that missing Aussie Animals card, or scoured Gumtree for that one elusive Disney-Pixar domino that seemed to constantly slip through your grasp, then you understand the rollercoaster of emotions that come with being a collector.

The thrill of finding missing pieces to your collection is the same whether you’re an excitable 9-year old or a slightly more discerning adult. As a child, you may have traded with the kids at school to get that one missing sports card or Barbie outfit. As adults, the stakes are sometimes a bit higher, with rare coins and stamps as the object of a collector’s attention. The most recent obsession for many is the McDonalds Monopoly pieces, with some willing to pay as much as $3,500 for the rare Piccadilly or Park Lane.

Like the Woolworths dominoes and animal cards, the popularity of McDonalds Monopoly has soared over the past few years as the fast food chain uses the beloved Monopoly board for a giant competition with fantastic prizes on offer. Collect the rarest pieces, and you could win one of over $157 Million in prizes, such as a Spyder Roadster, a Universal Studios holiday or the ultimate entertainment package; but even the more common pieces could score you a smaller prize.

McDonalds is offering the Monopoly pieces until October 20th, but you can claim your prizes until November 3rd, so you still have time to collect the missing pieces. While McDonald’s may want to entice you to come in and eat your way through their menu to add to your collection, you could save your waistline the calories and use the Gumtree community across rural and urban Australia to help you find Fleet Street, Leicester Square or Kings Cross Station. Grab yourself a copy of the McDonalds Monopoly board online so you know which pieces you have an abundance of, and crucially, those that you’re missing.

Whether you’re just collecting to fill your Monopoly game board or for the more serious task of getting in on one of the big prizes, there’s no better place than Gumtree to swap, buy or sell your McDonalds Monopoly pieces. And if you’re still looking for that missing Woolworths domino or Aussie Animal card, there are lots of other Gummies willing to swap or sell those too.

Find the missing Monopoly pieces here.

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