Plant Native: Your Guide to Australian Plants for Your Garden

Plant Native: Your Guide To Australian Plants For Your Garden

There are plenty of reasons to be more patriotic in your backyard. Not only are native Australian plants a statement of the natural beauty of our country, they’re better suited to the local climate by design and they make attractive homes for native species, too. Whether you’re looking for shade, decoration or some statement pieces for your home or yard, there’s a native Australian plant for every purpose.

A pop of colour with native flowering plants

One of the best features of native Australian flowering plants? Most varieties flower either non-stop or for many months, giving you striking colour throughout the year. Typically tough for garden beds or hardy plants for pots for outdoors, native Australian flowering plants come in a variety of hues and unique styles.

Our top picks for flowering plants: A vibrant Kangaroo Paw plant is right at home in any Aussie backyard that typically has cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. However, you can also find them growing in more humid climates as they’re quite hardy. Looking for something distinctly Australian? Try the corn-cob shapes of the Coastal Banksia. For two-for-one goodness, the Bolwarra produces sweet-smelling flowers and edible bush tucker fruit.

Vibrant shade with native Australian trees

If your backyard has enough space for native Australian trees, you’re in luck with plenty of big and small varieties available. Many types of trees can still be planted in pots or courtyard gardens, but larger varieties will need more space. Why plant trees? Trees deliver a heap of benefits in your yard like delivering shade, blocking out unwanted views, creating homes for native birds and even attracting bees.

Our top picks for native Australian trees: If you’re looking for smaller trees, try the Flowering Gum, with its glossy leaves and beautiful summer foliage. For something taller, the Ivory Curl is an evergreen native Australian tree that can grow up to 8 m tall. If you’re looking for a taste of Christmas in your garden, try the NSW Christmas Bush with its festive red flowers.

Dramatic native Australian ground cover plants

Ground cover plants are an awesome way to cover bare areas of your garden, and native ground cover species do even more to improve the environment for native insects and reptiles while being low-care. Many ground cover plants are also uniquely beautiful for added drama in your garden. Native ground cover plants include options from large, hardy plants to cottage-style perennials with beautiful blooms and colours.

Our top picks for native Australian ground cover plants: Native Australian ground cover favourites include the Myoporum with its small, delicate flowers and the small mauve magic of the Cut-Leafed Daisy (Brachyscome). Mix up your ground cover with some smaller plants like the Button Ferns, which also work indoors or as terrarium plants. Guinea Flower is a great species for dry coastal areas (where it occurs naturally).

You can have a beautiful, environmentally friendly backyard when you buy native Australian plants online from Gumtree. Looking for more Aussie-made backyard furniture and accessories? We’ve also got locally made garden sheds and cubby houses.

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