Product Spotlight – The Thermomix!

Spanish Gazpacho tomato soup.Have you ever dreamed of having a personal chef? Nutritious meals and yummy snacks whipped up at a moment’s notice? Far-fetched, maybe. But with our lives now busier than ever, sometimes it feels like a chef is the only answer to regular home cooked meals.

But before you start interviewing MasterChef contestants, imagine if you could find a machine to do the job instead. One machine that could take care of the cooking, giving you time to relax and get on with other things.

Well the Thermomix does just that. It’s the must-have appliance for anyone wanting a helping hand in the kitchen. This not-so-humble machine boasts the ability to do the work of ten different appliances. It chops, beats, mixes, cooks, steams, blends and more (steak knives not included!). With lightning speed, the Thermomix will mill flour, create the perfect pancake batter or quickly whizz up a homemade mayonnaise. Who needs a chef now?

One of the most exciting features of the Thermomix is ‘hands-free’ cooking; meaning you can put your ingredients in, set the timer and walk away. Leave your Thermomix to work its magic while you bath the kids or relax on the couch and voilà! Come back to perfectly cooked risotto or piping hot soup. And when you brag to your dinner guests that you made everything from scratch, the Thermomix won’t mind you taking the credit.

Another great plus is that the Thermomix is a space saver. Because it does the work of so many appliances you can finally declutter your kitchen and get rid of the appliances you no longer need. (And of course make some extra cash by selling them on Gumtree!)

If you’re wanting to buy a Thermomix but are worried about the price tag, chances are you’ll find a good deal on Gumtree. Whether it’s brand new in the box or a second hand bargain, Gumtree has a range of options to browse through. And if nothing takes your fancy right now, it’s free to post an ad on Gumtree, so name your price and let the sellers come to you.

Do you have a Thermomix? We’d love to hear your favourite Thermomix recipes and cooking tips in the comments below.

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