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You may be parting with a car that has been your pride and joy for several years. Or you may simply be making a straightforward, pragmatic decision to sell a vehicle for an income boost or to upgrade to something newer or more practical.

Either way, selling a car can be an emotional and daunting process. Gumtree understands this – which is why the local marketplace has created an online experience that is easy, fast and a wealthy source of car-hunters.

This includes helping with the big question that can make your head spin: How much is your car worth?

Gumtree Instant Car Valuation Tool

Whether a car has been a cherished possession or simply a means of transport, we all want to get the highest price for the car we are selling.

And figuring out the realistic value of your car to help get the best price no longer needs to be a frustrating, perplexing exercise thanks to Gumtree Cars’ clever new online tool.

With its Instant Car Valuation Tool, you simply enter your vehicle’s registration plate and registered state, and it will instantly provide a value guide for your car.

The calculator provides a value range for two types of sale:

Average Selling Price: a value guide for private sellers

Average Dealer Trade In Price: a value guide that estimates what a private seller might be offered by a car dealer

The valuation guide assumes an average mileage based on your car’s age.

If your car is in great condition or has travelled fewer kilometres than the average mileage, these factors can add extra value to your car. Certain options – such as a sunroof or high-end audio system – might also boost its value.

The Instant Car Valuation Tool includes a direct link for quickly setting up your listing.

How To Write A Quality Car Listing

The Instant Car Valuation Tool has given you the confidence to establish a selling price for your car. Now to create the listing to place in front of Gumtree Cars’ 150,000 unique daily visitors.

You can write as little or as much as you like about your car, though the following tips can help make your listing stand out.

Tell buyers about your car’s key features, such as safety technology and fitted options. Do you have the full servicing history of the car? Have you made any modifications?

Be honest with buyers about the condition of your car. They are only likely to find out when they come to inspect it.

Most buyers appreciate some room to move on the vehicle price. Writing ‘Price negotiable’ tells them you are open to discussing a lower price – and you can always factor this into your initial price.

A regular Gumtree Cars advertiser has another crucial piece of advice for showcasing your car in its best light.

Gavin, a 38-year-old from Penrith, NSW, has sold multiple cars and has “met some wonderful people over the years through Gumtree”. He always washes and polishes the bodywork, cleans up the tyres, and vacuums the interiors.

“I’m fastidious with all my cars and bikes [I’m selling] and try to make them look like a million bucks,” says Gavin. “I’d walk away if looking at a car [for sale] and it wasn’t presented well.

As Gavin also says, Gumtree is “a piece of cake to use … and free”.

And more so than ever with the Instant Car Valuation Tool.

Get Free Instant Car Valuation


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