I bought a relocatable farmhouse


Clever mum-of-two, Kierra Massoud, saved hundreds of thousands after finding her dream house listed as ‘removable’ on Gumtree.

With its iconic Queenslander feel, large verandah and high ceilings, it was everything she wanted in a property. The perfect match for the farm and the family.

The only problem was that Kierra’s dream home was listed more than 100km away from her sprawling land in Kybong, Queensland. Thankfully, it was a removable property.

Purchase of land

Kierra and her partner bought their Kybong farm last March, with the hope of creating the ideal space for their family of four.

“We loved the lifestyle up there so much we ended up buying land with no house,” she says.

To build or buy?

Kierra’s husband had thoughts about building something. Specifically, they wanted a Queensland colonial-style ranch with a big verandah overlooking the land.

However, she knew these were heritage and couldn’t easily be built. She also knew this style of house often sat on poles, making it easier to move around.

It was Kierra’s father who suggested looking on Gumtree for a removable home to buy.

Finding a removable house

Tips for searching for a removable home on Gumtree:

  • Try different search queries and terms: “Queensland house for removal” was the winning combination for Kierra
  • Check all categories: the owner had listed the house in the Miscellaneous category, not in ‘Property for sale’

The buying process

Kierra admits the process of buying a removable home is a lot like buying a car.

“The onus is on the purchaser. You have to be aware of things and be on top of your paperwork, as you don’t have the normal rights and protections as a regular home buyer,” she says.

Before you sign, there’s a lot that needs to happen: from council permissions, to removal consultations, to structural checks.

The relocation process

When you’re ready to relocate, Kierra’s advice is to rely and lean on the professionals or service providers who specialise in removable homes.

She also admits that this can be a long process – so don’t expect it to happen overnight: “It will take months and your house won’t be liveable as soon as it gets there.”

They bought the house in August 2017 and the property landed on Valentine’s Day this year.

“When they move it, they cut the house in half, transport it and then put it back together again,” she says.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! Aside from the fact that visually the house is a perfect fit for the farm, it has cost the family around half the price it would have to build it.

“There is value in looking at an old house and turning it into your dream home. This property was originally built in the 1930s, it was going to be demolished and now it has a new life here in Kybong,” says Kierra.

Follow their journey on Instagram @thegumtreefarmhouse where you can check in on their kitchen makeover plans and more.

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