Reversing Cameras: Which Cars Have The Best?

Reversing Cameras

Tired of the twist every time you need to back up? Time to invest in a new ride with a great reversing camera. Reversing cameras make driving safer and more convenient, and are a must in your next car. Check out the Gumtree Cars’ guide to reversing cameras: why you need one, what to look for in a reversing camera and which cars come with the best.

Reversing cameras – are they really all that?

It’s hard to imagine how we ever survived without reversing cameras. We’re driving bigger SUVs and cars with more onboard distractions every year, making that rear blind spot even larger and more dangerous. A good reversing camera is not just about convenience – with the right one, they can be the difference between life and death in reversing near-misses every day.

Most new modern cars include reversing cameras as a standard feature. When you’re looking for a new car, don’t stop at cameras, there are loads of reverse assistance aids available across the market. Check out brands such as BMW, which offers auto-reverse parking options and BMW Reversing Assistant, which can remember the last 50 m you’ve travelled and reverse for you, hands-free.

What to look for in a reversing camera?

A quality reversing camera comes with lots of features designed to boost safety and visibility. The best cars with reversing cameras generally all boast a large, clear screen – look out for small, blurry displays, tucked in some obscure spot on the dash. The best reversing cameras come with displays ranging in size from 12 to 15 inches, with crystal clear vision to capture even the smallest of obstacles.

Check for parking guidelines on the display and 360-degree sensors – better models even offer a graphic representation of your car on the screen and spin it around in any direction, allowing you to check your clearances. Luxury brands like Audi are usually a safe bet, with large, high-resolution displays across all vehicles in their fleet.

Which cars have the best reversing cameras?

With so many cars and so many options, we’ve shortlisted the front runners for best reversing camera in Australia, in every class. From hatches and sedans to family SUVs and utes, these models include top-quality reversing cameras as standard, delivering safety and convenience for every kind of drive.

Small cars don’t need to skimp on big safety features, with hatchbacks like the Holden Spark including camera and rear sensors. Late-model and new Mazda 3s are the pick of the sedan class, with an awesome large display and clear picture. In the SUV market, reversing cameras are a safety must, and there’s none better than the Volkswagen Touareg with a huge 15-inch display and a super-wide view of your surroundings. Top of the ute crop is the Ford Ranger, with a big display, parking lines, and an audible alarm.

Now that you know what to look for in a reversing camera, it’s time to start browsing. Check out some of the great dealer new car options available.

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