How Ryan James saved over 40k on Gumtree

Ryan James

You’ve seen him in action in the NRL, as the Gold Coast Titans co-captain and a fearless forward. What you may not have known, is that Ryan James is possibly Australia’s biggest Gumtree fan and has decked his house out in items purchased from Gumtree.

In a one on one with Jason Dundas, James shows us through his family home in the Gold Coast and casually points out all of the great deals he has acquired by buying on Gumtree. The man loves a good deal, his wife Ana saying, “Ryan’s addicted to getting a deal… if I can’t find Ryan, he’s usually on the couch, scrolling on Gumtree.”

Ryan with his wife Ana in their living room, showing off some of the items they bought on Gumtree.

It’s simply amazing the deals he’s managed to make using Gumtree, Ryan estimates he has saved around $40,000 by filling his house with items he found in the community.

Ryan has found many great deals on Gumtree, pretty much a whole dining room and living space. On top of this, some of the real deals include:

Pool table RRP $4,000. Ryan purchased his on Gumtree for $800

Ryan shooting some pool with Jason.

The cinema chairs he found on Gumtree and bought from “old mates place” for $250

Jason and Ryan kicking back in “old mates” cinema chairs. 

Check out the full video Captain’s Advice by clicking on the image below.


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