How I saved thousands on designer fashion online

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HR and legal manager by day, Diya Milan pursues her other great interest by night – style! As Diya proves, keeping up with the latest trends doesn’t have to leave a hole in the wallet for the savvy style conscious. Diya has shared a few ways of how she has saved thousands by buying her designer wardrobe on Gumtree.

A fashionable Sydney-sider, Diya enjoys the challenge of navigating the style world even though it can be tricky to keep up with it on a budget. In her 20s, she discovered Gumtree as the perfect way to not only make money on clothing she no longer wanted, but also to find plenty more affordable treasures.

Dia admits she’s made Gumtree work for her as both a buyer and a seller. In the past year she has:

  1. Listed designer items she no longer wears – she has already made an impressive $800 this year!
  2. Bought many stylish items from Gumtree’s Clothing and Jewellery category for hundreds below the RRP.

Diya admits she loves hunting for the best fashion finds from the comfort of her Sydney-based lounge and says Gumtree is a great way to access designer clothing for a fraction of the price. As a rule of thumb, she doesn’t spend beyond her means, she bears in mind the amount of her last purchase and ensures there’s future potential to on sell her next purchase. That way, she can constantly update her wardrobe with the latest styles.

Find a dress for your next occasion from the list of designers below:

Here are just some of the great savings Diya has made buying and selling her designer outfits on Gumtree:

1. TIBI Jumpsuit bought on Gumtree for $200 – RRP $600


2. Zimmerman dress bought on Gumtree for $180 – RRP $399


 3. Spotted playsuit bought on Gumtree for $180 – RRP $540 


4. Dress sold on Gumtree for $320 – RRP $599


5. Ministry of Style dress sold on Gumtree for $190 – RRP $250 


6. Zimmerman sample sale dress sold for $250 on Gumtree

With more than 40% of the items on Gumtree’s clothing and jewellery category listed as brand new, you too can pursue the latest fashion and start saving today. For more of the savvy Diya’s style hunt, follow her on Instagram: @chic_sydney_lyfe.

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