Gumtree Second Hand Economy

The second hand economy is a multi-billion dollar sub industry which brings communities together to buy, swap, sell or donate pre-loved items, saving and making Aussies money whilst reducing waste going to landfill.

Gumtree is a pioneer of the share economy and its 2020 report highlights that, more than ever, communities are utilising the second hand economy.

Key Findings in 2020

The total value of the second hand economy this year is $3 billion higher than any other year, at

$46 billion

The most popular items for Aussies to sell in 2020 include home décor and furniture (33%). These were also the items that sold the quickest and helped Aussies make the most money!

The most common home and garden items to sell include:
gumtree-common 1
The items Australians prefer to buy second hand are:

With buying cars being more popular (39%) than previous years (26% in 2019) in the second hand economy.

Buy from the second hand economy and save $$$ today

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