Six Simple Tips to Stay Smart Online



This year, Gumtree is an official partner of Stay Smart Online Week – a national government initiative helping you to protect your personal and financial information online.

It’s important to make a conscious effort to stay smart online all year round. Keep our tips in mind while connected to the web, whether you’re using a mobile device or a PC.

Passwords play an important role in protecting your private information. Remember to always lock mobile devices, laptops and PCs with a passcode, password or biometric when not in use.

  • TIP: Use different passwords for different accounts and services (i.e. a different password for online banking and your Facebook account).
  • TIP: Use strong passwords and make sure you change them regularly. Strong passwords include a mix of numbers and letters – both upper and lowercase.

Malware, hackers or other users phishing for private information can access your PC or personal device in a variety of ways. Make sure your anti-virus software is always up-to-date and that you secure your home Wi-Fi with encryption and a password.

  • TIP: Do not use public Wi-Fi for online banking, shopping or other financial transactions.
  • TIP: Reset factory settings before disposing or selling PCs and personal devices. This will stop new owners accessing your personal information.

Be careful of what information you knowingly share online – stop and think before you post or share any photos, personal or financial information, especially with people you have not met in person.

  • TIP: Only download apps from reputable publishers and check permission requests before downloading apps.
  • TIP: Report and delete emails requesting personal information like bank account details.

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