Small Dining Room Ideas to Maximise Your Entertaining Spaces

Small Dining Room Ideas To Maximise Your Entertaining Spaces

Feeling cramped in your dining room? Don’t worry, it’s possible to make even the smallest of rooms sing with hospitality by making a couple of small adjustments. Read on for some small dining room ideas to inspire you.

Table size and placement

It is great to be able to centre your dining room table in the middle of the room. However, if you have a small dining area then you might try the table against one wall. This will sacrifice seating on one side of the table but could make traffic flow and access to the other sides a lot easier. This configuration can look fabulous below a window, creating a great spot for some house plants.

The number of settings you need will be your main influence for table size selection, but also consider oval or round dining room tables. These shapes can take up less room overall. Light plastic dining room sets of tables and chairs can be more easily moved around and a glass dining room table can seem less bulky in a small space.

Stow it or create bench storage

If your dining room is really tight, consider a drop-down table that can be stowed out of the way. If the space serves a dual purpose, such as a home office, set up dedicated nearby storage so that you can easily switch out the paperwork with the place settings. Open shelving makes a room look bigger than closed-in dining room cabinets, but sometimes you might want to stow things out of sight.

A built-in bench or two to creates a cosy booth or corner nook, with convenient bulk storage under the seats. Built-in shelves and seating will make the area seem bigger but plan any permanent changes very carefully. Floating shelves can also look spacious. Coordinating your colours and finishes by using a dining room set with a matching dining room buffet can tie a room together elegantly, as well.

Accessories to enhance the size of any small space

Mirrors always make a space seem bigger. Place a dining room mirror where it will reflect and amplify the natural light from your windows, or opposite the room’s entrance to capture the greatest distances. A muted or textured rug, similar in colour to the flooring, will enhance the spacious feel, as opposed to lots of bold, dark contrasts. See our blog about how floor rugs can boost the look of any room.

Use dark colours as features, to define and add depth to the area. Slide-out storage boxes such as cube shelving units can be used to hide away any clutter and divide areas. A floating shelf near the top of a wall can be a great display space for statement decorations. For extra guests at your table, perhaps try folding stools or a light, moveable bench that can be stored out of the way when not in use.

Head to Gumtree to redesign your mealtime. For more inspiration, see our blog about choosing dining room furniture for your best dinner parties.

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