Sofa Sale: Budget Sofa Options for Every Living Room

Sofa Sale: Budget Sofa Options For Every Living Room

Its size and stature in any room, particularly your lounge room, makes the sofa a focal point of your home’s decor. So, part of finding the sofa you’ll love is considering the one you’ll need. Read on for our guide to budget sofa options.

Sofa considerations

Do you need versatility? Will this sofa need to double up as a sofa bed, for example? Do you need damage control? If there are kids, pets or red wine lovers in your life, you’ll need to go with robust pieces covered in fabrics that resist stains. Consider the design and feel: leather sofas offer a luxuriously soft texture in plain hues that won’t clash with their surroundings. Wool sofas are equally versatile and offer a wider spectrum of complementary colours.

Do you need lots of bums on seats? The more people in the family or the more guests you regularly entertain sets the seating you need.

What do you have to work with? The size and configuration of your room determines what you can accommodate and the style that works best. Create a floor plan. Map out the doorways that dictate footfall and windows that deliver natural light. If you’ve got a view, factor that in as well. If you have a home theatre set-up, consider what recliner sofa options are best.

Lounge sofas & suites

The go-to choice whenever there’s a sofa sale, a lounge suite can be a combination of two and three-seat sofas, a corner sofa, a chaise lounge and a sofa chair. Or a combination of any and all.

For a contemporary look, don’t go for patterned fabrics because they’ll drown out the rest of your decor. The buttoned or tufted look made famous by the Chesterfield lounge has timeless appeal. Add a vibrant contrast with throw rugs to make it all come alive.

Where space is not an issue, a corner sofa suite is a perfect expanse to relax on. While leather ones look fantastic and wear well, all that hide comes at a cost. A corner sofa suite delivers flexible configurations, as many have capacious storage cabinets and corner sofa beds have room for slumbering guests.

Single sofa chairs

The beauty of a single sofa chair or armchair is that it can contrast with the principal sofa or suite. This gives you the option to break up the room’s look. If your room is small, a sofa bed chair is ideal. Folded out, they become a single bed for guests and a fantastic setting for you to relax on as well.

Chaise lounge

The chaise lounge conjures images of aristocratic indulgence and contemporary styles are stunning. A stand-alone chaise sofa makes a striking fashion statement.

Sofa variations

A combination of sofa and bed, the most common sofa bed is the pull-out bed. A three-seat sofa folds out to a queen-sized bed and a two-seater transforms into a double. In the lounge room, cover a daybed in cushions and it becomes a quirky couch.

Throw in dashes of delightful colour with new cushions, bathe it in designer lighting and your new sofa becomes a stunning addition to your home. You’ll find all that and lot’s more, plus a 24/7 sofa sale, at Gumtree Australia.

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