How I sold my car on Gumtree in under 3 hours

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We have all heard of that neighbour, family member or colleague who had amazing success selling their car on Gumtree. With over 6 million visitors each month to the Gumtree website, selling your car in record time has never been easier.

According to the Sensis social media report, 87% of Australians are accessing the internet daily. With such a high volume of traffic, speed & accessibility of the internet, you too could sell your car in 3 hours from start to finish! Much like Gumtree user Chris, who went from taking good pictures of his car to posting his ad via the Gumtree app. The rest went by in a flash. Chris received his first call within an hour of posting, and in under 3 hours, the car sold!

The days of contacting your local paper, writing an ad and waiting for the weekly classifieds to come out no longer exists. A week or more would pass by before you even received your first call or enquiry. In the fast-paced world we live in, making money by selling your used goods has never been easier- or more efficient. Perfect for anyone wanting to move house, make some extra money, or simply sell your car to upgrade to that dream car you have always wanted.

Here are some tips to ensure your ad stands out:

1. Take as many pictures as possible. Gumtree is a community marketplace; so people will be looking for cars within a specific km range to their home/work. However, if you have a particular car that a buyer is after, buyers will travel the distance. Therefore, it is important to provide the buyer with as many pictures as possible of your car for a quick sale. Make sure the images are of a high quality, with enough light and include not only external pictures but internal too.

2. Ensure your car is clean. Sell your car, just as you would like to buy a car. In a fantastic and well-loved condition. Imagine driving 2 hours to inspect your dream car, to find that it was filthy. Give the car a thorough wash, shine those tyres and wax if possible and this goes for the inside too. A quick vacuum can go a long way.

3. Be contactable. Once your car is for sale, be ready to answer the demand of potential buyers. Depending on what options you have selected, buyers will be contacting you via text, phone call, email or even Gumtree messenger. Be sure to answer their enquiries promptly to ensure a speedy sale.

4. Know your stuff. Be prepared for any questions that come your way. Buying a car is a huge investment for customers. Not only financially but also emotionally.
Year/make /model/Date of manufacture is a must.
Have there been any issues with the car or has the car been in an accident?
What is the vehicle history and/or service history?
What is the condition of the tyres, does the car leak oil? Has any major repair work been done?

These are questions that potential buyers will ask. Be prepared and as comprehensive as possible with your responses.

5. Be realistic with your price. Offering your car for an outrageous price point may attract timewasting buyers. Set a good price that is negotiable – especially if your car is premium and in excellent condition.

2014 Audi A5 8T MY14 Sportback 1.8 TFSI $37,995

Image credit: Gumtree User

2016 Jaguar XF X260 25T R-Sport $89,880

Image credit: Gumtree User

2012 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG V8 Sedan $88,000

Image Credit: Gumtree User

Selling your car is a win-win situation for both parties. So what are you waiting for? Take the steps to get that dream car, or extra cash in your pocket today. Jump onto Gumtree Cars to get those wheels rolling.

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