Stage Your Home for Less with these DIY Home Decor Ideas

Stage Your Home For Less With These DIY Home Decor Ideas

Home decorating can feel like an expensive activity, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of some DIY home decor ideas, you can minimise costs and achieve great design results. Read on to see what kinds of unique home decor Australia has to offer.

Decorating with wall art

Photo frames are great home decor accessories that help upscale any room. In fact, with gallery walls trending, the more frames the better. Not only can high-quality picture holders be sourced second hand, but you can also quickly refurbish those in need of attention. If the frames are wooden, sand them down or apply a lick of paint to freshen them up. If they’re plastic or metal, a gentle clean and polish should do the trick.

As well as framed photos, other home decor styles can look great on your walls. Why not get creative with paint and a canvas, and display your very own masterpiece? Or, if you want to support local artists in your area, check out local art listings on Gumtree.

Decorating with plants

Flowers and greenery can easily liven up a room. Plant maintenance is also a rewarding hobby, but you can always opt for a fake plant if you haven’t got much time or a green thumb. Artificial plants are inexpensive home decor items and only require dusting every now and then. While some natural plants require precise care, there are countless low-maintenance houseplants available—including many you can propagate to continue adding greenery to the home for free. Philodendrons, for example, are excellent long-lasting options that look great creeping along bookshelves or hanging from wall fixtures.

Get creative with your plants through DIY pots and vases. Paint new designs on your pre-loved pots for a personalised touch to your interior design, or find some stylish listings for decorated vases and pots on Gumtree.

Decorating with macrame

Macrame is at the centre of many different house decorations. Wall hangings made from macrame are great to either purchase ready-made or create as a cheap home decor project and can quickly become a statement piece in the home. You can make macrame plant hangers, trimmings to decorate your mirrors, floor decor like rugs and wherever else your imagination takes you.

Rugs do a great job at separating different rooms and living environments so that you can make the most out of uniquely decorating each area. With the use of macrame floor decor, you can knot your way into a design to fit any empty floor space. If you’re someone who has a lot of time to master the skill of macrame, there are many online tutorials to get you started. However, if you hope to buy pre-made macrame pieces, Gumtree has a range of different listings to give you your decor fix.

Are you inspired to pick up a DIY project to decorate your home? Or want to browse affordable wall art to stage your home on a budget? All these art and craft ideas and more are on Gumtree Australia. Browse listings in your area and avoid missing out on some precious pieces.

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