How I started my first Art exhibition with Gumtree


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Ivan Macarambon an artist.

As a stay at home dad of a special needs child, I make a living as painter and illustrator with an Ipad mini 2. However, the difficulty on my part is drawing fine details with just my fingers. A cheap Stylus also does not have the right pressure sensitivity for varying the width or intensity of my brush strokes.

Last year I bought a slightly used Wacom Intuos Creative stylus from Gumtree for only $25 ($75+ retail price in stores) and my life changed. Since then, I was able to create an amazing variety of art, from children’s book illustrations, website images, and brand logos. It was like having a desktop workstation, a painting easel/paint/canvas, and a drawing board all in one.

Ivan showing us some of his art.

The Intuos is also compatible with my iPhone, so when travelling by train or bus, I just open a project from my iCloud drive and work from there.

The new flexible workspace gave me the confidence to accept a range of illustrating jobs and contribute more to the family income. The best thing is I devote more time to tend to my child’s needs.

Next week, my first solo exhibition opens in a Melbourne art gallery.

In the process of meeting with Ivan, we had a few questions – which he was more than happy to answer.

You mentioned after you bought a stylus on Gumtree has changed your life… how did it change your life?

Being an artist for a long time, my son is special needs child and I needed a stylus to accept jobs and all the stylus pens at the retail store were too big. I found one on Gumtree for cheap $25 (RRP $90). It was great because I was able to finish the job. I made logos and through working on the iPad with my stylus I could also work alongside my son.

Did you become an illustrator because of Gumtree?

I have been doing illustrations for years and back in the Philippines. After I bought the stylus, I started accepting illustrators job in Australia.

What items have you bought on Gumtree and how much did you save approx?

We bought an outdoor playset and slide/fort. Bought it for $25 and saved $300-$400 on Gumtree.

Above is the invitation to Ivan’s exhibition. 

Thanks for sharing your story with us Ivan, everyone at Gumtree wishes you and your family the very best. If you’re looking for an iPad or a Stylus, head to Gumtree.


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