Stay Shady Year-Round with a Permanent Gazebo

Stay Shady Year-Round With A Permanent Gazebo

Gazebos are a great way to provide shelter in your backyard and garden and create some extra space for outdoor entertaining. If you’re looking to add this great feature or to extend your outdoor living space, then browse our guide on finding the best gazebo for your home.

Permanent gazebos

Permanent gazebos differ from semi-permanent and fixed gazebos in that they have a roof similar to those found on most houses, and they are permanent structures that can’t be easily dismantled.

They are built in place—like a Bali hut—making them a fixed aspect of your house’s exterior. They’re an excellent option if you like to do a lot of outdoor entertaining throughout the year, no matter the weather. Additionally, they provide a great sheltered place for you to put a BBQ or even to install an outdoor kitchen or bar.

If you want a more heavy duty gazebo, a permanent gazebo is going to be your best option. Specific heavy-duty gazebos are usually on the more expensive side, coming in various designs. A permanent gazebo will generally be heavy enough to withstand all weather and storms. On top of this, they usually don’t require too much effort on your part to keep them well maintained.

Fixed gazebos

Fixed gazebos are different from permanent ones, as they often come in kits which you can assemble yourself.

A fixed gazebo is usually made of heavy metals and materials, meaning that it’s not easy to move it around once it has been set up. Fixed gazebos usually come with weights fixed to the bottom of the poles which anchor them to a specific spot.

They’re often designed to look like permanent models. Their roof often replicates building roofs with a multi-layer structure which provides a ventilation gap at the top.

Semi-permanent and portable gazebos

A semi permanent gazebo is generally made with a fabric roof and light metal poles that hold everything down. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a cheap gazebo that you can pack up and take with you anywhere—to the beach and on camping trips.

You can add screens or curtains to these gazebos. These are a great way to keep you sheltered from wind and rain during the winter, and to keep the mozzies out during summer. Both solid fabric screens and fly screens are available and can be easily removed when needed.

A semi permanent gazebo is a good option if you want to have flexibility with how often and where you use your gazebo—so no stress if you want to freshen things up a bit in your backyard with a seasonal rearrange.

If you’re after a waterproof gazebo, it’s essential to check that it’s made out of good quality waterproof material—this material will determine the gazebo’s ability to stay in good condition whilst outside.

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