Stay Tidy & Safe with these Garden Shed Storage Ideas

Stay Tidy & Safe With These Garden Shed Storage Ideas

Garden sheds are not usually big spaces, so they need to be well organised to provide easy access to the things you need. Having everything well stored also reduces the risk of tripping and other accidents. Read on for some garden shed storage ideas to maximise your space and help you get your stuff organised and safely stowed.

Space-enhancing shelving and racks

You will need different types of shelving to accommodate everything:

Attach tall shelves to the walls with angle brackets to ensure they can’t topple over and store heavy items on the ground or lowest shelves. Under-shelf storage baskets designed for kitchens can make good use of the upper space in tall shelves. Workbenches often become cluttered, but a fold-down bench can be conveniently stored out of the way and must be cleared to do so.

Besides standard, flat-pack garden shed shelving units, there are more versatile, modular wall shelving systems available. Being adjustable means they can be set up specifically for what you’ve got and you make changes when needed. If your budget is limited, perhaps re-purpose an old bookshelf, wine rack or wardrobe.

Items with extra needs

Garden sheds are typically not insulated. Some common items stored in garden sheds that can deteriorate in hot and humid conditions are glue, paints, paper, seeds and garden chemicals. These could be better stored in your garage, where the conditions are less damaging, or in a waterproof storage box. Seeds should be stored in air-tight containers.

Industrial chemical storage always includes bunding, a water-tight structure with the capacity to contain any leaks. On a smaller scale, keep your chemicals in large plastic tubs to make sure there is no potential to contaminate other areas with spills or leaks. Chemicals should always be kept out of reach of children or, better still, locked away. Garden shed flooring can be a problem if it’s uneven, so consider using pavers or plastic mats to improve the floor.

Time for a new shed?

If your garden shed is overflowing, it might be time to invest in a new one. DIY garden shed kits come in all different sizes. Check out the comprehensive range of garden shed sizes available on Gumtree and you could be surprised by what you can find in your area.

In order to visualise what you need and to make a plan for a new shed, you might want to take everything out of your existing shed and lay it out on the ground in groups by type or use. Having a clean-out on a regular basis is a good idea anyway, depending on how much stuff you accumulate.

Now that you’ve got some garden shed storage ideas, head to Gumtree’s home and garden section to find everything you need to set up and keep your garden equipment organised and safe.

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