Stay Warm This Winter with Diverse Bathroom Heater Options

Stay Warm This Winter With Diverse Bathroom Heater Options

Heating a home can be a big task, especially when considering where you’ll need to warm the most. While keeping a cosy bedroom and living room is an excellent place to start, you don’t want to forget about the bathroom. After all, when you get out of a warm shower you want to feel refreshed, not icy. Here are some different bathroom heater options to help you combat the winter chill.

Using lighting to keep warm

If you’re looking for a permanent electrical fixture, you might want to look at a heat lamp. Not only do heat lamps provide bright lighting for your bathroom, but their bulbs also contain optimised quartz filaments to radiate warmth. Due to the nature of the product, a bathroom heat lamp uses slightly more wattage but is still labelled with high energy efficiency. Plus, as they cancel out the need for a light to be on, too, they’re an apt choice for an eco-conscious home. Heat lamps are available in different shapes and sizes, with options made to suit your home design.

Raise the temperature with flooring

Thanks to innovations in floor design, tiles aren’t only known for being cool to the touch in winter. You can hire a bathroom tiler to set up an electric heating system under your floors, taking the bite out of your barefoot steps. This is a sought-after premium service—because of the market and new technology, it has become an increasingly inexpensive choice. It’s also more energy-efficient than many central heating systems and is competitive when it comes to maximum heat distribution. Financially, this efficiency is a valued long-term bonus.

Making use of modern heaters

You can’t go wrong with an infrared heater. These space warmers are highly effective at producing heat from electricity and also utilise 100% of the heat they create. They’re also a safer option than conventional heaters; however, it often takes just as much electricity to generate the heat. This modern technology will keep your bathroom design looking sleek while taking up minimal space to warm the area functionally. If you’re renting, an infrared heater will be able to be packed up and taken with you to your next home.

Window decor made to retain heat

If you’re looking for alternative ways to heat your home or need some extra assistance to pair with an above heating option, why not start with your window decor? Whether you’re adding shutters to your home’s exterior or choosing between blinds and a variety of thick-material curtains, there are many great choices to keep your bathroom warm.

If you’re choosing thick curtains for indoors, make sure they don’t grow mould from moisture by washing and maintaining them semi-regularly. If the material cords for your blinds are dangling, avoid a fire hazard and make sure they aren’t close to your accompanying heating system.

Which solo heating system will work in your bathroom? Or are you hoping to combine your options to create the optimum warm shower space? Whatever you decide, these options are available on Gumtree Australia.

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