The suits & bridesmaid dress debate, who pays?

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So your big day is around the corner and wedding expenses are happening left, right and centre. One order of business among many others is the suit for your bestman. Or is it the bridesmaids’ dresses? And with this the big question: who gets this one?

As the bride you may find yourself caught. It’s etiquette, no, to fund the fancy frills your ladies will be dolled up in for your occasion?  You’ll find though that it is traditionally accepted, and still rather common, for the dress to be bought by the bridesmaids themselves. However this gesture should be done within a reasonable budget and ideally involve expense on a dress to their taste that will get more than day’s worth of wear.

If your bridesmaids accept this custom and are happy to cover this cost, the next step is to find both a style and colour set to suit both parties. Gumtree has a collection of dresses online perfect for the occasion. A convenient port of call, your bridesmaid may just eye down a gorgeous new dress from here, for both your special day and events to come.

The same goes for the gentlemen. While it’s generally agreed that groomsmen purchase their own suits, it is important for the groom-to-be to consider their finances, and if it feels reasonable, contribute to costs or offer a reimbursement in another way. Perhaps pay for transport to your event, or take the guys out for a thank you meal.

Peach Bridesmaids Dresses – $400                                                                                                                                         Image credit: Gumtree User

Four peach bridesmaids dresses - $400

Four elegant, peach-coloured bridesmaids dresses.

Beaded Bridesmaids Dresses – $150 ea or $700 for all                                                                                                    Image credit: Gumtree User

Beaded Bridesmaid Dresses

Five versatile, floor-length gowns complete with shimmer.

Bridesmaids Dresses, Groomsmen Suits, & Accessories Pack – $2500 for all                                                               Image credit: Gumtree User

Groomsmen suits

Five red and two white bridesmaids dresses,  six groomsmen suits, and an added bonus of flower pins, and red hankies and ties.

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