Sydney vs Melbourne infographic – which is the best city to drive in?

Sydney Vs Melbourne Infrographic Driving Conditions

Sydney vs Melbourne – driving a car can be frustrating in both of these major cities at times, there’s no doubt about that. We surveyed 500 car owners from each of these major Australian cities, to gather their perceptions about road safety, on-road behaviours, traffic conditions and accidents. We then compared the insights we gathered.

Answers were mostly in favour of one major city, but both cities had traffic pain points for those using vehicles.

Are perceptions exaggerated? We found a 63% discrepancy between one element of a major city’s road safety perceptions and the reality of it, for the survey respondents.

View our Sydney Vs Melbourne Driving Conditions & Safety infographic to find out more;

Sydney vs Melbourne Driving Conditions & Safety Infographic

Sydney vs Melbourne - Which Is The Best City To Drive In?

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