Teen Bedroom Furniture That Your Kids Won’t Hate

Teen Bedroom Furniture That Your Kids Won’t Hate

You could buy cheap bedroom furniture for children’s rooms, knowing that they will outgrow it. Perhaps you prefer quality, second-hand furniture with good resale value. You could refurbish some pre-loved items. Whichever way you go, read on for some inspiration to help you achieve your decorating goals.

Paint, wallpaper and pictures—redecorating starts with the walls

Unless you are happy to repaint occasionally, and if you are starting with a blank canvas, consider muted tones for the walls. Choosing removable decals rather than wallpaper will allow you to easily change feature artworks. Prints or photos in frames can be replaced over time, changing the feel of the space. Try a statement wallpaper—one or two walls might be enough.

Girls’ bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be pink and boys’ doesn’t have to be blue—if your child has a favourite colour, you could choose something that matches items already present in their bedroom. Furnishings in a neutral colour can complement other, more colourful belongings, and help prevent them from getting lost. For example, coordinated pale grey bedroom furniture can provide a uniform base, helping the room seem less cluttered.

Beds, desks and bookcases—find practical foundation pieces

The bed is probably the most significant piece of furniture in any bedroom and practicality is usually an important factor. Sturdy under bed storage, or a bed with inbuilt drawers, can be an efficient and neat use of space. Bunk beds are great for sleepovers, but make sure that the railings and ladder are secure and meet safety requirements.

An overhead loft bed can make a small room seem bigger and the space below can be used for a desk, second bed or reading nook with a bookshelf or two. Hopefully, your teenager will spend some of their time studying too: Student desks come in inexpensive, flat-pack styles that are often adjustable in keyboard and desk height. These simple and versatile desks can grow with your child. However, loft beds and other inbuilt items like shelving can be more difficult to change, so think long term when planning major work.

Boxes, tubs and shelves—storage is key

Easy storage helps—otherwise, things might end up on the floor. A big, sturdy blanket box for toys or sports gear can double as a bench seat. Hampers for dirty and half-worn can help separate clothes. Stackable tubs or boxes and cube shelving units can be used for different purposes and even swapped between rooms to change things up a bit.

Over-door hangers are handy for backpacks, sports gear and bags. Sturdy plastic tubs in the bottom of the wardrobe can keep shoes separated from toys or other items. You can even rearrange the whole room occasionally and involve your child in making decisions about what furniture or decorations to try next

If you are in the market for bedroom furniture in Australia, there are plenty of options. Rather than go to a bedroom furniture sale, browse Gumtree to find good value new or pre-loved items.

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