The Best Bedroom Furniture Sets to Create a Beachside Look

Bedroom Furniture Sets For Coastal Vibes | Gumtree Australia

Re-decorating a bedroom should be fun and the results should leave you satisfied, proud and feeling like your time and money were well spent. If you’re starting out fresh with a blank canvas, our tips will help make the challenge of an empty room an enjoyable one. Read on to explore how to achieve a beach-like look in bedrooms, even with a limited budget.

Colour themes in white, off-whites & ocean blues

The Hamptons-style of traditional white bedroom furniture and whitewashed panelling is a popular trend. It looks fabulous on bedroom storage furniture like bedside drawers, trunks or blanket boxes. To create coastal bedroom furniture, you could refurbish some second-hand items and whitewash bedroom furniture yourself. Keep your curtains light and breezy and consider painted plantation shutters.

If you don’t like white, a creamy colour palette of sand and different shades of aquamarine looks great for coastal-themed bedroom furniture. You can also aim for boho chic and use a more complex, multi-hued colour range. Timber bedroom furniture of any style can be adapted with a bohemian vibe. Use textured tassel-edged fabrics and natural sisal matting for any of the above styles. Sisal mats are practical for areas where sand might be trodden in because they’re easier to clean than rugs.

Go bold, go nautical

If Hamptons or boho chic is not your style, consider basing your colour scheme on deep blue, white and bright red. These colours combine well and can give a great nautical impression. Blue and white stripes horizontally can make a narrow space seem broader, and deep stripes can have a big visual impact as a window treatment.

Dark or light polished timbers such seen in oak bedroom furniture can evoke the timber decks of a ship or the fine interiors of a yacht. Browse Gumtree for genuine boat gear that has been salvaged—think a wooden steering wheel or a paddle that has real patina from time spent at sea. Brass elements can add a maritime touch, like a real porthole or a brass clock.

Gone fishing

To achieve a seaside vibe with any of the above, try hanging coloured glass fishing floats where they will catch the sunlight and reflect it into the room. A wicker fishing creel can be useful storage. Wicker chairs, a side table and baskets can create a veranda feeling. Turn a wall or space divider into a feature by hanging a nylon or fibre net, and attach shells, driftwood and wooden sea-life to it.

Consider using big, ocean-themed artwork for a large wall space or a detailed knot display in a shadow frame for a small one. Use chunky, thick ropes as structural elements, perhaps to hang shelves or lights. Dimmable pendant lights, wall lights or standing lamps can be used to reduce the starkness of harsh lighting. This will help create an effortless, calming feeling—a holiday vibe for your everyday.

Whichever look you are aiming for, you will find lots of bedroom furniture sets on Gumtree, from Hamptons furniture sets to maritime treasures.

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