The Best Bedside Lamps for Routine and Decor

The Best Bedside Lamps For Routine And Decor

Bedside lamps are essential to any bedroom, whether you want a handy reading lamp beside your bed or need to get up for work in the dark. Finding the right lamp for your decor can bring your room together and even make your lighting a focal point. With so many options to choose from, we want to make it a bit simpler for you to choose your next bedroom lamp. Browse our guide to find the best bedside lamp for your nighttime routine.

Bedside table lamps

Bedside table lamps are a great option that take hardly any time to set up and come in various shapes and sizes. Your new lamp can come with a lampshade or you can buy one separately if you want to choose a shape and style that matches your decor. Bedside table lamps are perfect if you just need a small spot illuminated—great if you share a bed and want to stay up reading—or if you’re space-conscious. If you’re after a bedside lamp that comes in countless styles, a bedside table lamp is a great option, with many shapes, styles and light fittings available.

Wall-mounted lamps

Wall-mounted lamps are a great option if you’re an active reader or want a vintage look in your room—you can also shop for modern options, too. Although these might be a bit more disruptive if you share a bed, they are better at lighting the general area around you because of their higher position. They also create a more cosy, intimate atmosphere in the bedroom compared to ceiling lights. Wall-mounted bedroom lamps are a great option if you want a modern design, as many are minimalistic in looks and multifunctional.

LED lamps

An LED lamp is a great option if you want a good quality bedside lamp that will last years. LED lamps are energy efficient, brighter, reliable and long-lasting. You can go to the effort of switching your light globes over on existing lamps, but if you’re in the market for a new bedside lamp, then there is the option to buy a brand new LED lamp instead. If you want a lamp that will consume up to 90% less energy than regular ones, then an LED lamp is the way to go. LED lamps are also very diverse in their design and are the most popular for novelty lamp designs.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are another great option if you lack the extra room on your bedside table and don’t want the hassle of having to install a wall-mounted lamp. If your aim is to give a small bedroom a larger feel, then you may want to go for a floor lamp which can create a mirage of heightened space and open up a room. It can also become a nice focal point at night time—a decorative feature that’s also useful. If you want a lamp that can work as a larger feature in your bedroom and can be moved around easily, a floor lamp is the right choice for you.

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