The Best Garden Sheds for Your Backyard, No Matter the Size

The Best Garden Sheds For Your Backyard, No Matter The Size

Garden sheds are great for tidying up your backyard, and they offer a secure place to store all of your valuable tools and gardening supplies. They may not be the prettiest looking thing to some, but you can get them in smaller sizes which allow them to be put in a snug corner, out of sight. Here we’ve put together our guide on finding the best garden shed for your needs.

Common garden sheds

Small-sized sheds

Most of the garden sheds you’ll see are made of steel or aluminium. These sheds are generally on the cheaper side and come in various sizes, with the smallest ones being 2 m x 2 m or even 2 m x 1 m. These are great if you only want your garden storage shed to protect a few supplies and tools.

Because of the small size of these sheds, it’s usually fairly easy to place them out of sight. You can also get these classic models in smaller bike shed sizes—perfect for storing a lawnmower or other bulky tools.

Large-sized sheds

Standard garden shed models also come in much larger sizes—some of the biggest being 6 m x 2 m. These large garden sheds are perfect if you have lots of tools and gardening equipment.

They’re ideal if you have a large property and you need space for bulky equipment such as ride-on mowers, small trailers or mulchers. If this sounds perfect for you, then browse our cheap garden shed options on Gumtree.

Slimline garden shed

A slimline garden shed is an excellent option if you have limited space to work with. These sheds are a popular choice for people who live in units or townhouses and need to be smart with their space.

Slimline garden sheds are often long and narrow and perfect for fitting lawnmowers and other more over-sized items. They also have a flat roof, which you can use as extra storage space.

Custom garden sheds

Custom-made garden sheds may seem expensive, but they’re seriously worth it if you don’t want to waste a single centimetre of your yard space.

If you want a small shed built into a particular empty patch between the exterior walls of your house, it can be done. Or, if you have a backyard that is an unusual and complicated shape, you can easily get a custom garden shed to fit that corner that was once wasted space. Browse our custom garden shed options on Gumtree.

Resin garden sheds

Resin garden sheds are a great option for those who want a nice looking shed to have in their backyard. Resin garden sheds have a more modern and sleek look. They usually have small windows and metallic colourings to make them look more like a small house than a steel box.

Resin garden sheds generally have better resistance to the weather than cheaper options whilst also being made out of lightweight materials.

If you’d like to explore cheap garden sheds online today to find a shed that’s a perfect fit for you, then browse our range on Gumtree Australia.

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