The Best Indoor Plants for Every Room in Your Home

The Best Indoor Plants For Every Room In Your Home

Looking for stylish, inexpensive home decor that adds freshness and colour to your entire home? Look no further than the humble indoor plant. Available in a range of colours and sizes, there are indoor plants that thrive in any room of the house with the right care and maintenance. We share our top picks for the best indoor plants for every home area.

Statement plants for well-lit living and dining areas

Nothing says fresh and natural like well-maintained statement plants on display throughout your home. From your hallway entrance, through to your living and dining areas, the right indoor plants not only look great but also add vibrant colour and style when paired with the right plant pot stand and plant pot saucers. The right statement plant can also be used to camouflage areas of your space that you might not want on show, like busy wall socket points. Most statement plants, like palms or small trees, need good sunlight and preferably a flow of fresh air for at least part of the day, but you can get around this by giving them some time outside.

If you’re looking for a large plant, you can’t go past a Monstera with its bright green, holey leaves. Want to go even bigger? An Olive Tree is usually an outdoor plant, but can thrive in a pot in good sunlight. Another tall statement option for your hallway or front door is the glorious Kentia Palm with its long, tall fronds.

Vibrant plants that thrive in low-lit areas

Think you can’t add a splash of green to your spare bedroom or your home office? While completely darkened areas like hallway corners might be better suited to artificial potted plants, there are plenty of low-light-tolerant options that are easy to care for.

If you’re looking for low-light-tolerant and easy-care plants, there are many. The Lady Palm grows well in areas with no sunlight and needs only a small drink every week (if planted in a good potting mix for indoor plants). The tall Cast Iron plant (Aspidistra) is almost indestructible and tolerates low light and the cold with ease.

Air-purifying plants for humid areas

Often considered the hardest place in the home to keep plants, many bathrooms have fake plants in lieu of real ones. However, some plants can thrive in humid, low-light areas. You can create the perfect zen space without artificial plants, especially if you have a window to provide some light, however dappled.

The ultimate air-purifying option for any bathroom with a modest amount of light, the Peace Lily is easy-care and vibrant (but remember that lilies are poisonous to cats). If you’re looking for timeless beauty as well as greenery, you can’t go past an Orchid that thrives in humidity. For height on your bathroom benchtop try the Zanzibar, one of the easiest indoor plants to grow.

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