The Best Luxury Cars for Every Driver

The Best Luxury Cars For Every Driver

Luxury cars deliver a unique driving experience and there are more options than ever for every lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for luxury on your everyday commute or something super-special for the weekends, here are our picks for luxury cars for every driver.

Luxury every day: The best luxury sedans and SUVs

Add some glamour to your life every day with the perfect luxury sedan or SUV to soothe you through the morning commute. The right luxury car combines a super-comfortable interior finished in high-quality materials like leather or woodgrain with the latest entertainment and safety features. Add to that the typically stylish exterior, and you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Our pick for luxury sedans and SUVs:Mercedes-Benz is renowned for prestige and performance across their range of sedans like the C200 or E350. Looking for a show-stopping luxury SUV? Porsche has got the small but mighty Macan and the iconic Cayenne to choose from.

Need for speed: The best luxury sports cars

Looking for something a bit more sporty? Luxury sports cars offer an exhilarating driving experience along with unique interior and exterior styling so everyone will know you’ve made it to the fast lane.

Top luxury sports cars: Italian stallions like Maserati and Ferrari are perennial luxury sports car classics. If you’re keen on a different flavour of European performance, Porsche comes to the rescue again with the Boxster. Looking for something a bit more spacious without compromising on speed? The 4-door BMW M3 delivers with top speeds and a roomy interior.

Collectable classics: The best classic luxury cars

Not only do classic cars offer a taste of bygone motoring eras, but the right model can also be a great investment for the future, with classic cars in mint condition increasing in value year-on-year. Drive in classic style with vintage icons or up-and-coming collectables.

Top classic luxury cars:Jaguar has been designing motoring icons like the E Type for decades. Their iconic British rivals at Aston Martin have also delivered their share of classics like the DB9. Prefer an American classic? You can’t go past the look and sound of a Ford Mustang.

Super-luxury: The best rare and unique luxury cars

When money is no object and you really want to make a statement, there’s a class of super-luxury cars ready and waiting for you. Renowned for unique, one-off features and dashes of excess peppered throughout, rare and unique luxury cars offer an experience like no other.

Top rare and unique luxury cars: Think super-luxury, think Rolls-Royce. The unique and stately Wraith comes with mind-blowing features like woodgrain panelling, sheepskin carpets and even LED starlight roof lighting. For something vintage with a more affordable price range, the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow is the epitome of comfort and luxury. Another renowned super-luxury classic is the Bentley Continental.

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