The Best Power Tools for Your Home Workshop

The Best Power Tools For Your Home Workshop

A tool collection is just that—over time, you aim to build your collection, upgrading and expanding when you can. Grow your collection with the following suggestions in mind and once you’ve found the best power tools for you, remember to collect the necessary safety gear as well.

Kick-start your collection

If you don’t have many power tools yet, the most common and useful ones for any workshop are a battery-operated drill or an electric screwdriver. Storage space and the nature of your DIY projects will determine what you collect next. If you are into cars, you might prioritise a welder over a saw bench.

If you like to work with wood or build your own furniture an orbital sander or belt sander will save you a lot of time and elbow grease. Circular saws are a great precision tool, useful for cutting large amounts of wood. If you’re tackling smaller jobs and are less concerned about a perfectly straight cut, a jigsaw is a more versatile option that can be used on other materials as well. Reciprocating saws are handy for demolition jobs and can be used on a wide range of materials.

Corded power tools

There are hundreds of corded power tool brands to choose from, each with its own selling points. Stihl have local dealers who offer dedicated advice and servicing, whereas Hitachi power tools are known for their powerful motors for heavy-duty tasks.

Black and Decker power tools have a reputation for reliable and long-lasting performance at a reasonable price. Bosch power tools offer a high-end range for tradies as well as a less powerful homeowner’s range, all designed and engineered in Germany. Other popular brands of corded tools include DeWALT and Makita power tools.

Battery-powered tools & battery pack systems

You don’t have to stick to one brand for your collection. With cordless systems, however, you might want to stay loyal. Different batteries and chargers can be pricey and take up space on your workbench. Battery platforms that allow you to use the same battery for multiple tools have become popular thanks to technical developments in battery capacity, power and run-time.

Popular battery pack systems include those from Hitachi, Metabo and Ryobi. Ozito power tools’ battery platform is compatible with more than 70 tools, including garden equipment. AEG power tools are known for their combo kits, offering a great range of complete tool packages for particular tasks. Combo kits reduce costs by bundling tools together with multiple batteries and a charger.

Pneumatic power tools

One of the most useful stationary power tools is an air compressor. Air compressors can power a range of pneumatic power tools including paint spray guns, nail guns and nibblers. All of these tools are designed for high volume, quick and easy work. Compressed air can also be used to clean your other tools or workspace. Air compressors also come in portable varieties for building sites, but they are often too heavy to lug around and battery-driven nail guns have become the popular choice.

Head to Gumtree for well-priced, new or pre-loved tools to upgrade or complete your collection. You’ll also find handy toolboxes and racks to help organise your gear. If you’re also an avid gardener, check out our guide to garden tools to learn more.

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