The Best Small SUVs for Every Lifestyle

The Best Small SUVs For Every Lifestyle

There’s never been a better time to upsize (or downsize!) to a small SUV. With every major manufacturer coming to the small SUV party, there’s an ever-increasing range of models to suit almost all drivers. Not sure which ride to try? We’ve got you covered with our small SUV comparison and recommendations for the best small SUVs for every lifestyle.

City slickers: small SUVs for urban driving

If you’re looking for extra space while you cruise around town, look for any of the small SUV models with extra technology features that make city driving a pleasure. Perks like parking assistance, reversing cameras and blind-spot monitoring keep you safer on the road and make manoeuvring in small spaces easier.

Top picks for urban driving: Kia small SUV options like the Seltos or the slightly bigger Sportage come with great onboard technology like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity, cruise control, reverse camera, rear parking sensors, autonomous emergency braking with vehicle and pedestrian detection and forward-collision warning.

The glam life: luxury small SUVs

Even the luxury manufacturers are getting in on the small SUV game. If you’re looking for a ride with extra style and attention to detail, you can find the perfect SUV with all the benefits of European styling in a compact ride.

Top picks for luxury small SUVs: Mercedes small SUV options include the designer feel only a Mercedes can deliver, with features like a panoramic roof and leather seats in the 2015 GLA SUV. Fancy getting behind the wheel of a Porsche? The Macan small SUV (smaller sibling of the Cayenne) makes this dream a reality. If you’re looking for safety and luxury, the XC40 makes Volvos cool again with its sleek Swedish styling.

Eco-warriors: environmentally friendly small SUVs

Want a small SUV but you’re conscious of your carbon footprint? With many major manufacturers adding all-electric or hybrid models to their lineups, there’s an eco-friendly option out there for you. Later models boast added features like regenerative charging to fill your battery while driving—enjoy the extra space of a small SUV guilt-free.

Top picks for greener driving: Hyundai small SUV options like the Kona Electric come with a 484km range (2020 models) and a stack of safety features. Not ready to go full electric? The Toyota small SUV range includes a hybrid RAV4 model.

Heading off-road: small SUVs for adventurers

Looking to hit the dirt tracks, but not in a bulky 4×4? There are small SUV options that deliver the benefits of a smaller ride in the city without compromising off-road capability. You can find the right all-wheel drive (AWD) or four-wheel drive (4WD) model for your type of adventure—whether you’re heading to the beach on a day trip or into the outback for a week.

Top picks for off-roaders: Toyota small SUV models defined the genre back in the ‘90s with the original RAV4. The RAV4 has been redesigned multiple times since then to keep pace with an explosion of competitors, with models like the 2018 RAV4 including AWD and a five-star safety rating. If you’re looking for a 4WD model, try the popular Suzuki Jimny for surprising spaciousness as you negotiate rougher terrain and longer trips.

Find dealer-new and used small SUVs ready for a test drive today. Looking for something slightly bigger? We’ve got larger SUVs and wagons on Gumtree, too.

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