The Best Speakers for Epic Sound Anywhere

The Best Speakers For Epic Sound Anywhere

Need some clearer sound in your life? Invest in a new speaker for better vibes at home or crisper tones on the road. From the best sounds for your living room to portable Bluetooth speakers for the beach, here’s our wrap-up of the best speakers for epic sound wherever you are, no matter what you’re listening to.

Get smart: the best smart speakers

Smart speakers have finally graduated from a novelty that sits beside your “real” sound system to fully-fledged audio equipment for every room in the house. With pristine audio-playback, phone integration or voice activation, wireless models and the ability to network multiple speakers together for sound that moves with you, smart speakers are perfect for any home—from apartments to mansions.

Top smart speakers:Google Home set the bar for smart speakers with high-quality sound and the convenience of integration with your favourite entertainment apps and Google Assistant. An Amazon fan? Try the Amazon Echo with integration to your Amazon Prime video, music and Audiobook libraries. If you’re looking for the ultimate smart speaker that’s compatible with both Google and Amazon apps, try the Sonos One for epic sound and networking throughout your house.

Movie magic: the best speakers for home theatre

Want to enjoy theatre-quality sound at home? You don’t need a full home cinema to experience the magic. The right speakers will enhance your movie nights, with massive bass notes, good looks and easy setup.

Top home theatre speakers:Yamaha has been making high-quality sound equipment for decades, and their home theatre offerings are no exception. Try the 5.1 channel with a pair of Yamaha’s stylish floor-standing speakers for an extra “wow” factor. Looking for a wireless setup? Bose Soundbar 700 paired with Bose Surround Speakers delivers the ultimate home theatre audio experience without the cords.

Mood music: the best speakers for music lovers

Music lovers want pure sound without compromise, and the best speakers for music lovers prioritise rich tones and minimal feedback, so you hear nothing but the music. There are plenty of options for audiophiles looking for the perfect speaker for their preferred kind of tune.

Top speakers for music lovers:Q Acoustics make everything from bookshelf speakers to subwoofers so that classical music lovers can capture the full scale of even the most complex pieces. More of a rocker? ELAC has you covered with everything from centre speakers to floor standing models with superior bass notes and classy looks.

On the move: the best Bluetooth speakers

If you need quality sound wherever you are, a Bluetooth speaker can keep you grooving to high-quality sound on the road. With convenient phone integration and water-resistance or voice activation in some models, the right Bluetooth speaker can make your next trip to the beach or your annual summer camping adventure much more fun.

Top Bluetooth speakers:UE Boom redefined the expectations of Bluetooth speakers with their awesome sound, funky looks, easy phone connectivity and ability to pair with any other UE Booms. JBL make great water-resistant models like the Flip 5 for great sound by the pool without the risk. Beats offer the ultra-portable Beats Pill, which delivers the same rich bass as their signature headphones.

Find the right speakers to fill your whole life with quality sound wherever you are. Want to upgrade your whole sound system? We’ve got everything from amplifiers to turntables on Gumtree.

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