The most reliable car brands for Aussie conditions

The Most Reliable Car Brands For Aussie Conditions

Looking for a reliable used car but don’t know where to start? Figuring out which car will be the best investment over the long-term can be a challenge, particularly in Australia where driving conditions can have a big impact. We’re here to share some of the most reliable car brands for Australian conditions, and what makes some of their models the most reliable cars for Aussies.

Toyota: renowned for durability

Toyota has been making reliable cars for decades and is consistently Australia’s top-selling car brand. Why? Their winning combination of price, practicality and long-term durability. Looking for a reliable ride around town? The eternally popular Corolla is affordable and fuel efficient, or try the Camry if you’re after more space. Keen for some beach driving? The RAV4 kickstarted the sporty SUV market in Australia with its durable design. If you’re looking for extra savings and eco-friendliness, Toyota hybrid vehicles have been breaking sales records in Australia for the past two years with their hybrid engines available in the Corolla, Camry and RAV4.

Famous for its 4WD capability in Aussie conditions and easy access to aftermarket accessories and parts, the Landcruiser has been setting the standard for off-road vehicles in Australia. And no discussion about reliability would be complete without a casual mention of the renowned Hilux ute, famously ‘indestructible’ after a series of failed attempts to destroy one by the makers of the Top Gear TV show.

Subaru: the choice for performance

Another Japanese manufacturer famous for reliability is Subaru. Like their Toyota country-mates, ‘Soobies’ come in a wide range of models for every lifestyle and are notable for their performance and durability. Subaru first rose to prominence through its all-wheel-drive technology, a notable difference between them and other Japanese carmakers.

Famous Subarus include the Impreza (particularly the WRX), winner of multiple world-rally championships and a favourite of performance-oriented drivers for decades.

Hyundai: a dependable drive

While more renowned for affordability, standout models like the Hyundai Excel have been a favourite of Aussies for decades, with launch models from the 1990s still seen on the streets today. In addition to consistent performance, Hyundai led a renewed focus on interior features and styling, a trend that persists today with new and late model Hyundai’s like the Santa Fe and the Tucson setting the standard for technology inclusions in affordable cars. The mechanically sound and dependable Hyundai i30 has also grown the reputation of the Korean carmaker in Australia.

What to look for in any car brand

If you’re looking for a reliable car, you don’t need to stick to these brands or features. Check that any purchase you’re about to make is in reliable condition by thoroughly researching your chosen model, doing a vehicle history check including service history and logs, and always doing a test drive. Wherever possible, always have any vehicle you’re about to purchase looked at by a qualified mechanic.

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