The right cordless power tools for every shed

The Right Cordless Power Tools For Every Shed

All the top power tool brands have invested in producing next-gen cordless tools that deliver the grunt you need with a freedom of movement that corded units can’t compete with. Cordless power tools using lithium-ion batteries have revolutionised every Aussie DIYer’s workshop. So, if you have a power tools list drawn up, add the word “battery” and go.

Power drills

Battery-powered impact drills deliver rapid “impact” bursts to drill harder and faster. They also have a unique rotation pattern to insert screws with less stress on the screw heads. The best ones include the Bosch 18-volt units, which are powerful, durable and tough. The hefty Stanley FatMax range has lots of torque control and 22 drill and screw settings. The Worx range has impressive stats including 25% more power than its rivals, delivering 50% better battery life.

For most tasks around the house, a lightweight power drill is the ideal option, particularly when you’re working in places where you need to reach out or above your head. Weighing in at less than 1 kg, Bosch 12-volt drills are versatile with a big range of torque settings to screw drive or drill with precision. Black & Decker delivers reliability and the inbuilt LED light focusing on your work really comes in handy.

Battery-powered mowers

The lawn mower is the power tool you probably use the most. Battery-powered mowers are self-propelled, work hard and make very little noise. The tough steel-chassis Victa boasts Rapid Charge batteries designed for vast Aussie lawns. The Makita range includes broad blades and up to 13 different height settings. Ryobi combines durability with a voracious appetite, chowing through up to 400 sqm of lawn.

If lawn mowing is not your thing, rely on a robot lawn mower, great for average to smaller lawns. A leader in this field, the Husqvarna range is designed to tackle wet or dry conditions.

Cordless garden tools

Battery-powered leaf blowers are increasingly popular because they’re on par with corded models without the obvious constraints. For a hedge needing an edge, cordless hedge trimmers are lightweight and versatile. For even the longest pathway or faraway garden bed, battery-powered whipper snippers and lawn trimmers are a must.

Today’s cordless electric chainsaws are stunning examples of sustainable technology and the Stihl range packs more power than most gardens will ever need. There are even small chainsaw branch pruners for delicate jobs.

Carpentry & DIY battery tools

A cordless jigsaw deserves a place in your carpentry workshop to carve out the curves that make great furniture. For the really tough stuff, you’ll be astonished by the output a cordless electric angle grinder can generate. Smooth the edges and highlight rich timber grains with a powerful cordless belt sander or orbital sander.

Care & storage

Moisture and dust cause damage so keep your power tools and cordless power tool kits in a clean, dry space. A workbench, cabinet and pegboard unit or a lockable tool cabinet are essential for power tool storage. If there’s grit caught in the tool, a portable air compressor cleans fast and effectively. You can pump up tyres with it as well.

For all the power tools for sale you’d love to buy, head to Gumtree Australia where you’ll also find hand tools and gardening equipment.

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