The Right Pool Supplies to Keep Your Pool in Top Shape

The Right Pool Supplies To Keep Your Pool In Top Shape

Getting your pool ready for a long summer of fun in the sun? Before the good times roll it’s important to use the right pool supplies and take steps to keep your pool in top condition throughout the year. From discount pool supplies to the best swimming pool supplies online, Gumtree shares the right approach to get you more time in the water.

Keeping your pool water sparkling, fresh and clean

The key to sparkling water all year round is small, consistent steps. Routine pool-water monitoring and maintenance for your in-ground or above-ground pool will likely save you money in the long term because you won’t end up having to pay top dollar for professional help cleaning or repairing your pool and filter down the track.

Avoid harm by regularly checking your pool chemistry. Pool water testing kits and strips tell you whether your pool water has the right chemical balance or not. It’s best to check your water chemistry 1 – 2 times per week during the summer and once every 1 – 2 weeks in the cooler months.

If your pool is not chemically balanced, you’ll find plenty of advice about rebalancing its levels online, along with the cheapest place to buy pool supplies in your local area on Gumtree.

Keeping debris out of your pool

Your pool will probably have self-cleaning features to keep debris out. So what’s your job? To monitor and check that these features are doing their job.

While your pool pump and filters will take care of small debris and impurities, considering investing in a pool vacuum cleaner if you don’t want to spend your time cleaning out your pool with a leaf rake.

It’s important to regularly empty your skimmer basket and remove all surface debris collected in it. It’s also important to clean the hair and lint pot inside your pool pump.

While you’re checking your pool for debris, make sure to check the water level—if the water level is too low or high, debris might not be making it into the skimmer basket or filters.

Once or twice a year it’s good to clean your pool filter in accordance with manufacturer or installer instructions. It’s also a good idea to clean your pool filter after a heavy storm.

Keeping your pool safe and secure for longer

Keeping your pool safe and secure not only protects your family but also protects the investment you’ve made in your pool.

Maintaining pool fencing and the perimeter of your pool is essential for keeping your pool area safe, especially if you have small children. If you need to repair your pool fence, you can find cheap pool fence supplies and repair kits online.

It’s important to check for cracks in your pool or around its edges. Also, check for weak sidewalls or other signs that your pool might be deteriorating.

Now that your pool is in top shape for peak season, time to get to work on the rest of your yard. At Gumtree we’ve got everything you need to keep your yard looking fresh, from landscaping supplies to outdoor furniture.

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