This mysterious Aussie invented a car that ran on water

Car Run By Water

Australians are an inventive lot, known for more than just the Hills Hoist and Vegemite.

A car powered solely by water sounds like fantasy but a mysterious backyard genius, known as Joe, is credited with inventing a special type of fuel cell said to allow any combustible engine to run on H2O.

Frustrated by rising fuel prices in the early 1990s, the Aussie bought some stainless steel in a scrapyard and, tinkering with his V8 Rover, invented the so-called “Joe Cell.”

He later told documentary makers he “threw it together in a weird order” and he was surprised when he “hit the key and the damn thing ran”.

A Joe Cell is supposedly an electrolysis-type cell built with concentric stainless steel pipes which “charges” water and creates a mysterious power source.

While several scientists and respected inventors have produced versions of a water-powered car over the past few decades, most were powered by hydrogen derived from water. The Joe Cell, on the other hand, apparently isn’t.

It is said to develop (or accumulate) “orgone energy”, a massless, omnipresent substance and theoretical energy source largely debunked in the 20th century as pseudoscience.

That means the Joe Cell is highly controversial. Many highly regarded scientists have dismissed the concept as technically impossible while backyard motoring enthusiasts and new-age environmentalists insist that it works.

The Byron New Energy Charitable Trust claim to have driven a car from Casino to Brisbane on “a cup and a half of water”.

“We want to find useful power sources for the planet that enables people to power vehicles for free,” founder Sol Millin told the local Byron Echo newspaper.

Since that time, Mr Millin seems to have failed to develop this supposedly simple technology. As recently as 2012, he was involved with a cold fusion energy scheme that brought him into a legal tussle with founder and patron of the Australian Skeptics, Dick Smith.

The Joe Cell has become a target for conspiracy theorists, with inventors around the world allegedly being warned off their research by powerful, shadowy individuals or even falling victim to assassination.

For the moment, it seems, oil is still all-powerful.

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  1. less CO2 per passenger. But if you have to travel by car, rent a hybrid one. In fact there are now a car that run on water.  Even better is if you walk or ride a bike which is not only most environmental friendly but also […]

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