Tired of Mowing? The Best Robot Lawn Mower Technology for Your Yard

Tired Of Mowing? The Best Robot Lawn Mower Technology For Your Yard

For some, mowing the lawn is a therapeutic exercise, achieving a task blissfully enveloped in so much noise you can’t be interrupted. For most of us though, it’s tedium personified. So, whether your lawn is large or small, there’s a range of self-propelled lawn mowers, “unmanned” robot mowers and everything from big ride-on mowers to agile battery-powered mowers to choose from.

Let’s start small and work our way up.

Robot lawn mowers

Robot lawn mowers are the next-gen way to cut your grass. Compact, streamlined and futuristic looking, a robot lawn mower is great, with a few caveats: If your lawn is large, steep or irregular they can struggle.

A major player on lawns everywhere, the Husqvarna robot lawnmowers are great performers and can tackle wet or dry conditions, inclines and irregularities.

Petrol powered mowers

A petrol-powered self-propelled lawn motor has inbuilt safety features like engine cut-out if you release the throttle grip. They also have different speed settings for various conditions such as grass length or sloping terrain to ensure a great cut.

  • Built tough and ready to take on any conditions, the Victa range is hard to go past on Australian lawns far and wide. It even churns out commercial-grade mulching to fertilise your lawn.
  • The Honda range of self-propelling lawn mowers are great quality and come with features like Mow-Safe engine brake technology and MicroCut twin blades for a really precision trim.
  • Ryobi mowers include a high-output Subaru 4-stroke overhead cam power plant that propels them through coarse conditions with ease. They also pack a powerful mulching unit.

Battery-powered mowers

For the best battery lawn mower choose one with dual battery packs. Battery-powered mowers deliver robust ultra-quiet performance. Operating costs are negligible and with minimal moving parts, they’re easy to take care of.

  • The Victa is designed for Aussie conditions and its Rapid Charge batteries will keep things moving for you.
  • Makita has a self-propelled lawn mower with broad-width cutting capacity and up to 13 different blade height settings to produce the perfect trim.
  • Ryobi includes durability and the capacity to tackle really big lawns up to 400 sqm. Ryobi’s dual batteries each run for 40 minutes.

Ride-on mowers

Ride-on mowers fall into three broad categories. First are the rear-engine ride-ons, ideal for good-sized but not vast lawns. Next are front-engine units that look like a mini tractor. They’re the most common riding lawn mower, for lawns over a half-hectare. The third category is the zero-turn ride-on mower, for large areas dotted with intricate features. Zero-turn mowers have large cutting widths and lots of power.

The major players in ride-on lawn mowers are well represented across all these three ride-on categories. These are the legendary John Deere range, the portfolio of Toro models and the high-quality RedMax line-up.

Whatever the size of your lawn and for everything else in your garden, Gumtree Australia has you covered. We’ve even got cheap lawn mowing services as well, the hassle-free way to mow your lawn!

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