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Caucasian Surfer Carrying Board In Waves

Are you wondering what people are searching for on Gumtree Australia the most?

Unsurprisingly, the list for the top searched items in October 2020 is a broad mix of items across home, sport, vehicles and appliances that truly represents the over 2.8 million items currently listed on Gumtree. With the COVID-19 restrictions changing our daily lives and travel plans, we are all looking for things that entertain or motivate us in different ways. Whether you’re a regular Gummie or new to Gumtree and are looking to buy or sell, this list will give you some inspiration and show you what is in demand in your local community.

Number 1 on this list for October is ‘boat’ with a sharp 17% increase versus September. Is this an indication of the shift to the warmer weather activities? With ‘surfboard’ (number 5) and ‘kayak’ (number 6) also featuring in the top 10, another sign Aussies are getting ready for summer and shaking off our 2020 blues. If you are looking for a bargain for yourself or a gift for that special someone, there are many items across Gumtree’s Sport and Fitness category that will tick the outdoor activity box.

There are some cool items being sold online and people are making a pretty penny from selling items via the second hand economy. ‘Ride on mower’ also saw an increase across Gumtree’s website and app as the third most searched for item in October. Do you have a spare lawn mower gathering dust? Now is the time to list it on Gumtree.

Another sign our lifestyle and holiday aspirations may have changed in a post pandemic world is a huge increase in browsing for ‘caravan’ which saw 68% more searches in October compared to September.

The list of trending items in demand across Gumtree also reveals home necessities such as ‘fridge’ and ‘dining table’ are continuing to make regular appearances in the top 10 list.

Most searched items in October 2020:

  1. Boat – browsing increased by 17% vs September 2020
  2. Mountain bike
  3. Ride on mower – browsing increased by 19% vs September 2020
  4. Caravan – browsing increased by 68% vs September 2020
  5. Surfboard
  6. Kayak
  7. Fridge
  8. Dining table
  9. Lego
  10. Outdoor furniture

Got a similar item and want to make some extra cash?

The advantage of selling online is that you can pocket that extra cash or maybe buy something else for yourself or as a gift with the funds you’ve made. If you’re looking to buy items on Gumtree, make sure you do your research on the best-selling items on a daily basis and use both the ‘Watchlist’ and ‘Saved Search’ functions available on Gumtree including the app.

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