Top ten most searched products on Gumtree

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Gumtree is Australia’s number one classifieds site; the place where you can buy, sell and swap just about anything. From rare pieces of antique jewellery to second hand cars, you can find just about any product you’re after. But no matter how many retro telephone booths or Elvis stamp collections we see, most people head to Gumtree looking for every day products to pick up a bargain and saving some cash. Of all the hundreds of thousands of products people look for on Gumtree, here are the top ten most searched items.

1. Car

Mazda 3 SP25 2011 - $16,000

Mazda 3 SP25 2011 – $16,000

Image credit: Gumtree user
Cars, utes, 4x4s, you name it – cars are without a doubt the most searched for product on Gumtree. From every day cars to get you from A to B, to vintage classics to add to the collection, you can find cars of all makes, models and colours on Gumtree.

2. Boat

8m aluminium boat - $54,000

8m aluminium boat – $54,000

Image credit: Gumtree user
There’s nothing more Aussie than getting out on the water, so whether it’s for fishing, recreation or water sports, if you’re considering getting a boat this summer, pick one up second hand and save yourself some cash.

3. Caravan

Caravan 20' x 8' Tandem - $4,200

Caravan 20′ x 8′ Tandem – $4,200

Image credit: Gumtree user
Our Gummies love nothing more than a good old fashioned road trip and we know this because caravans come in third place on our most searched products list! So before you fork out on a brand new caravan, check out some of Gumtree’s listings such as this tandem caravan for only $4,200.

4. Room

Family home

Family home

Image credit: Gumtree user
Of course, Gumtree isn’t about just finding second hand goods – did you know you can also find your next home on Gumtree? Whether you’re looking for an apartment, a room in a share house or to buys something new, there are thousands of options in Gumtree’s real estate section.

5. Fridge

Electrolux 600L French Door Refrigerator - $900

Electrolux 600L French Door Refrigerator – $900

Image credit: Gumtree user
Not many people can live without a fridge, so it’s not surprising fridges rank fifth on Gumtree’s most searched products list. From big fridges to bar fridges to bargain basement seconds, you can find a fridge to suit any home on Gumtree.

6. Puppy

Labrador Pups - $500

Labrador Pups – $500

Image credit: Gumtree user
Naaawww! Look at that cute face! Who wouldn’t want to take this little guy home? If you’re looking for a puppy, kitten, or other type of pet then you might be in luck as there are thousands of puppies looking for a new family on Gumtree. But please remember to be responsible when adopting a pet and always ensure they’re going to a good, loving home.

7. Job

Courier job

Courier job

Image credit: Gumtree user
Coming in at number seven on Gumtree’s top ten most searched product lists is a job! Gumtree’s job section features jobs in construction, nursing, hospitality, sales, retail and more – so if you’re looking for a new career, Gumtree may just have the right job for you.

8. Lounge

Centro MK2 2 Piece Leather Lounge Sofas - $2,500

Centro MK2 2 Piece Leather Lounge Sofas – $2,500

Image credit: Gumtree user
Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than kicking back on your favourite lounge at the end of a hard day. And with so many amazing second hand couches available, there really is no need to buy one brand new.

9. Granny flat

Iluka Kit Homes & Granny Flats - $48,998

Iluka Kit Homes & Granny Flats – $48,998

Image credit: Gumtree user
With housing prices skyrocketing and the cost of living on the rise, the humble granny flat is making a comeback. Whether you’re looking to make some extra income by building and renting out a granny flat, or simply looking for somewhere affordable live, a granny flat is the perfect solution.

10. Bike

2015 cannondale team scapel bike - $6,500

2015 cannondale team scapel bike – $6,500

Image credit: Gumtree user
Finishing off Gumtree’s list of most searched products is the bike. From pushies to dirt bikes to road bikes and racers, there are bikes to suit every lifestyle on Gumtree. So if you’re looking for a way to burn off those winter layers, nothing will get you ready for summer quicker than getting around town on a bike!

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