The Top Three Jobs on Gumtree


While searching for his dream job, #FindaGem winner, Genki from Southport, Queensland, spotted a gem when browsing the Jobs category on Gumtree. We’re not all lucky enough to stumble across a $1,000 Gem and most of us need a job to make ends meet.

If you’re hunting for a job in hospitality, trade and construction or sales and marketing – then we have good news: these are the three most popular types of jobs listed on Gumtree!

See our tips below on navigating the job market and matching a role to your skills and lifestyle.


Many Australians start their career in hospitality – some at fast food chains and others at boutique cafés. Due to varied opening hours, cafés, restaurant and bars are ideal for those wanting a flexible job, especially expats, students and people who also work in entertainment.

TIP: Make sure you have an honest conversation with prospective employers about your ideal working hours. This will set expectations from the outset and should allow you to have the work-life balance you’re after.

TIP: Many cafés and restaurants serve alcohol. You need to be 18 years or older to do this and also need a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate.

Trade and Construction

Good with tools? Maybe you should consider a job in trade and construction. As well as big businesses, many small and independent trades often require extra staff for short-term contract work.

TIP: Most trade jobs require certification. It’s much easier to be trained as a handy-man than it is a plumber. Choose your path wisely.

TIP: There are other legal obligations before setting foot on a construction site or in a customer’s house – make sure you meet these requirements.

Sales & Marketing

If you’re more of a conversationalist than you are handy man or woman, a job in sales and marketing is probably a safer option. Entry-level sales roles are varied and don’t often require too much training or experience, but will require you to meet targets and deadlines. Be prepared!

TIP: You might need to have your own mode of transport for some sales and marketing roles. Be sure to confirm all requirements with your prospective employer before accepting a job.

TIP: If you’re after a long career in sales and marketing, there’s plenty of money to be made, even without formal training. Go above and beyond meeting sales targets and you’re sure to be promoted (or given a hefty bonus) in no time.


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