What type of flat mate are you?

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Whether you’re looking for a flatmate because you love the company, or simply need to split weekly costs, you’re likely to come across a wide variety of personality types and behaviours when you chat to potential room mates.

If you’re getting ready to find yourself a new flatmate, the best way to meet the right type of person for your space is to know what you’re looking for, and to have plenty of options. Gumtree is a great source of potential housemates, and provides a safe and secure means of finding a flatshare or a room for rent.

Before you start the process though, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of the main types of flatmates you might find yourself sharing with if you don’t make your decision carefully. Read on for just some of the common types you might come across.

The Borrower
When you live with a “borrower”, you might find yourself thinking you’re crazy for a little while. After all, you were sure you just opened a full carton of milk yesterday, but it’s already almost empty; while the leftover Chinese you were planning on eating for lunch has up and left the fridge somehow. The borrowing type of flatmate takes full advantage of the saying, “What’s mine is yours”, and doesn’t see anything wrong with making use of your supplies on a daily basis.

The Lazy One
While you’re not looking for a flatmate that cleans up three times a day and keeps the house smelling like floor polish, it’s not too much to ask for a roomie that can take the rubbish out on occasion and wash the dishes, right? Unfortunately, lazy renters seem averse to doing any sort of cleaning and will often end up with all of the kitchen’s crockery piled up in their bedroom within a week of moving in.

The Posh One
The “King” or “Queen” of flatmates is used to living in their parents’ mansion and having everything taken care of for them. This type of posh roommate will therefore struggle to understand how to live in a flat that does not come with a maid and contain multiple wings. Beware – they will also often try to get you to do their bidding for them!


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  1. When looking for “sharing” a home, flat, maybe we should look at the language used. Sharing = everything done and used in equal parts if agreed upon. This provides; communication, respect for others idea’s, needs , belongings, wishes etc. If you are looking for a bed for now, maybe more appropriate words could be used. Communication before an agreement is really the clue to successful “sharing”.

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