Toyota Electric and Hybrid Car Models

Toyota Electric And Hybrid Car Models

Toyota is Australia’s number 1 best seller of hybrid vehicles, having sold more than 100,000 hybrid cars in Australia by 2019 and over 15 million globally in 2020. While a Toyota electric car with an all-electric engine has yet to arrive in Australia, signs are good that new plug-in electric models will be available in the future as electric vehicle charging infrastructure develops further. With a range including economical hatchbacks like the iconic Prius, through to the family-sized hybrid Camry sedan and the sporty hybrid RAV4 SUV, Toyota has been changing the engine game since the early 2000s.

Toyota hybrid car range


Toyota’s ever-popular Corolla is offered in both petrol and hybrid models. Available in both compact sedan and hatchback models, the Corolla is legendary for reliability, safety, durability and performance. With a 1.8-L hybrid petrol engine, the eco-friendly Corolla delivers fuel savings and lower emissions in a sporty package.


Toyota’s ultra-compact Yaris hybrid hatchback has achieved both lower fuel emissions and more power than previous petrol generations. With a stellar 3.3 L per 100 km fuel consumption, the Yaris is the perfect eco-friendly ride around town. The Yaris offers a modern and practical interior, quirky exterior styling and top-notch safety features.


Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid passenger vehicle when it launched in 1997 (2001 in Australia), and since then the iconic ‘triangle silhouette’ hatchback has continued to evolve and deliver eco-friendly innovation. Now in their fourth generation, pioneering models like the Prius C and Prius V have redefined fuel efficiency ratings for hybrid vehicles. They’re also known for their funky exterior styling and colours.


The Camry was lauded as 2019’s Best Car in Australia and Drive’s 2020 Car of the Year. The secret to such popularity? The Camry sedan has a sleek and sporty exterior, impressive interior technology and outstanding safety specifications paired with 4.2 L/100 km fuel efficiency in the Camry Ascent 2.5 L Hybrid Auto.


The RAV4 Sport SUV became an instant icon on launch in the 1990s and has continued to evolve ever since, winning multiple awards. With outstanding safety features, impressive ride comfort and performance and awesome interior features, the RAV4 is perfect for your next eco-friendly trip to the beach.


Looking for a hybrid ride for the whole extended family? The Toyota Tarago has you sorted with a hybrid 7-seater van that seats everyone in comfort. With impeccable safety features and a 2.0-L hybrid engine, the Tarago delivers lower emissions and fuel savings alongside impressive interior technology and comfort.

Toyota electric car range


The Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) and is coming to Australia in 2021 as a fleet vehicle for business and commercial use. A combination of hydrogen and oxygen fuels the Mirai to create electricity to power the vehicle, emitting nothing but water vapour. The Mirai represents Toyota’s commitment to diversifying its electric options.


Toyota has teased a new electric SUV called Toyota BZ. Made in collaboration with Subaru, the BZ will be Toyota’s first all-electric car but its release has not yet been confirmed for Australia.

Toyota’s diverse range of hybrid and electric cars offers Australians a great choice for those wanting a more eco-friendly drive. You can browse all of Toyota’s hybrid/electric options on Gumtree.

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