Travel Australia, make money doing it

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Home is where this couple park it. Brian and Scarlett are 160 days in on their big Australian experience and have increased their bank balance since leaving home.

Inspired by the popular ‘van life’ movement, this young Brisbane couple quit their jobs, bought a custom 1984 Toyota Dyna on Gumtree and hit the road. They soon discovered travelling around Australia doesn’t need to dry up your savings.

Don’t believe us? Below we share their 5 top tips for making money on the road with the help of Gumtree.

1. Custom truck with common parts: $3,500 on Gumtree (RRP: priceless)

A small truck has more sense of space than a van (Brian can stand up in the back!). When it comes to choosing a car, go for one with readily available parts, such as a Toyota, to reduce maintenance costs on the road.

“Our truck has a Toyota B diesel engine, which is used in many variants, meaning it’s cheap and easy to fix.”


2. Travel off the grid – solar panels & regulator: $70 on Gumtree (RRP: $350)

Fitting the truck with solar panels can allow travellers to fully maximise freedom camping and avoid paying for electricity altogether, saving hundreds.


3. Find local work on Gumtree: $3,000+ income

With Gumtree having a presence even in the smallest of Australian towns, Brian and Scarlett can jump on the app and top-up their funds whenever and wherever they need. So far they’ve picked up jobs at Beyond the Valley Festival and Earthcore Music Festival, managed the Cape Schanck Lighthouse Cafe in Victoria and found general handyman work for older couples who need help around the house or mechanical work done on their cars.

4. Sell unwanted goods before you set off: $5,000+ income

Having been active players in the second-hand economy for 10 years, Brian and Scarlett turned to Gumtree to generate some extra cash for their trip. Prior to leaving Brisbane, they sold off their unwanted clothing, furniture, vehicles and also found a tenant for their house. Cha-ching.

5. Save by going second-hand on the road

Thinking second-hand first can pay off big time. One of Brian and Scarlett’s best finds were two folding bikes listed for $5 each, saving them approx. $400, and some much-needed space! They use them to get around town and save on petrol.

They’ve both used barber services from Gumtree, opting for local apprentices over high street hairdressers.

These internal storage cupboards and bed frame were free on Gumtree.

Follow their journey @travellers_aust. So, what are you waiting for?

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