Two-for-One Tropical Plants that Look Great

Two-for-One Tropical Plants That Look Great

Having plants and gardens surrounding us makes us feel good and has definite health benefits. The benefits include lower stress levels, improved concentration and productivity, and a more positive outlook overall. Read on to discover how you can use tropical plants to enrich your home environment.

Plants for improving air quality

NASA did an often-quoted study in the 1980s and proved that plants do indeed cleanse toxins from the air. They found that some plants are better at removing different toxins than others. These include peace lilies, chrysanthemums and rubber plants. All plants produce oxygen, mainly during the daytime, but some tropical plants orchids, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads do the opposite, pumping out oxygen during the night. (However, the NASA study found that you need lots of plants to have an effect even in a room that is closed up most of the time.)

Fragrant plants such as the jasmine plant are both prolific and quite pungent when they flower. Other fragrant tropical plants include lemon balm, frangipani and gardenias.

Plants as visual screens and to soften edges

Tropical plants are often fast-growing so they can be a good choice to use as climbing plants to cover fences or an eyesore. Use trellis or wire to train fast growing tropical clematis or bougainvillea. Be wary that fast-growing can mean it has weed potential, so weedy species are best kept well contained so they can’t escape into bushland. Well trained espalier fruit trees can be used, either freestanding or to cover a wall space. Living walls of flowers or edible plants use wall brackets so you can swap pots around.

Use a row of tall ginger plants to delineate a space. Heliconias and bromeliads are tropical plants that, like ginger, have striking flowers, are fast-growing and quite hardy. Bromeliads can create a textured carpet of ground cover. Zoysia grass, also called temple or no-mow grass, can be used in places that are difficult or dangerous to mow.

Edible and useful plants

Create a handy herb garden for your kitchen. Dry extra supplies of basil, peppermint or spearmint to use as a potpourri room freshener. Plants that are said to repel mosquitos and other pests include basil, lemon and citronella grasses. The gel from an aloe vera plant will soothe itchy bites as well as mild burns including sunburn.

Some fruit trees such as citrus do well in big pots and some are available in dwarf varieties. Aquatic plants that are edible include water chestnut and lotus. Remember never to eat any plant that you are not 100% certain is edible. Some common pot and garden plants can be poisonous to children or pets. That is why plants like some ivies and peace lilies are best kept in hanging baskets or otherwise out of reach.

Plants enhance our environment in so many ways and with these plants you’re getting many benefits. Head to Gumtree to find a huge variety of plants for sale.

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