Update Your Home Wall Decor With Our Expert Tips

Update Your Home Wall Decor With Our Expert Tips

Making changes to your home wall decor can be easy and inexpensive. Even if you’re renting, you can request landlord permission or use removable hooks to hang your pieces. If this isn’t possible, there are plenty of other options like a stand-alone picture frame shelf or removable wall stickers. Read on for more home wall decor inspiration.

Art: Creativity for every room

The art on your walls is an expression of your own unique taste and style. Artwork can be a cost-effective way to enliven a room and create focal points. By placing home decor wall art opposite any doorway or at the end of a hallway, you’re creatively making use of an otherwise empty space. If you don’t want to install more hooks, there are removable, damage-free, adhesive hanging strips available that are perfect for renters or those who want to play around with layout—or skip the middle step and opt for removal wall stickers (great for kids rooms).

You can also get window stickers that add an extra dimension to a room as they enhance the light coming through with different colours and patterns. Similarly, mirrors can capture light bounce it on to your walls—plus, a well-placed mirror can expand and give depth to any room. Create a picture wall or gallery of framed pieces to fill an empty wall space or prop up onto a picture frame shelf.

Signs: From vintage collectibles to functional wall pieces

Industrial signs, especially large, enamel branded pieces, are collectible items that suit many styles from retro to vintage. Even a small collection of enamelled signs can become long-lasting, durable art, like vehicle number plate displays in a rumpus room or inspirational home decor signs in a living area.

Add functionality to your walls—a corkboard, blackboard or whiteboard can be both stylish and handy for shopping lists, visual reminders and messages between household members. Lots of homes have a wall calendar in the home office or near the kitchen bench, so it’s easy to make plans and check your schedule. A stylish statement wall clock can help everyone in the household manage their time without looking at their phone or laptop.

Wallpapers and hangings: A little can go a long way

Painted accent walls are trending, including feature wallpapers. You won’t need a lot of wallpaper for one or two walls and there are some great prints and murals available. Wallpapers could be an inexpensive way to add flair to any room, from a nursery to your own bedroom—the best thing is they’re easily updated.

Adding wood panelling or plaster moulding to your walls is a more permanent, impactful change that’s great for renovators. Picture frame lights will highlight your home decor wall art and they come in battery-operated, dimmable, remote-controlled models that are inexpensive. Hanging repurposed items—like vintage tools, kitchen items or boat paddles—on walls can be a unique way to express your personality and add finishing touches to your home and decor.

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