Using Gumtree on the Go

Find A Gem – Ashleigh

A new ad is posted on Gumtree every 1.1 seconds, meaning there are tonnes of new listings every day and even more treasures to choose from. Finding time to hunt for a new couch, car, housemate or TV can be tricky, but we’ve got an easy solution…

For some, using social apps are a great way to fill in time when in transit. For others, Gumtree’s app and mobile website serve the same purpose. #FindaGem winner, 21 year old Ashleigh from Springwood, Queensland, was browsing Gumtree on go when she stumbled across the winning Gem.

Checking Gumtree in your coffee break or while on the bus is a practical way to fill in time – and who knows, you may just find the gem you’ve been looking for!

Here are some handy tips to get you started.

  1. Download the app

The Gumtree app is available on iOS and Android. Check out iTunes and Google Play to download the app to get started. The app’s foolproof design means searching for gems has never been easier.

  1. Take our website with you

Looking for that classic Gumtree experience? The website is fully functional and just as easy to navigate in you mobile or tablet web browser.

  1. Map it out

Where in the world is Didilibah, you ask? Thanks to Google Maps integration with the Gumtree mobile site and app, it’s easy to find out exactly where your gem is and receive directions to check it out in person.

  1. Share it

Want to share your latest find and be talk of the town? Using your mobile or tablet to find a gem makes it even easier to screen grab pictures, or even share web links and text details to friends.

  1. Get in touch

With one simple click, you can call, email or text a seller from the Gumtree app or mobile site. You’ll be sure to beat other punters and snag the gem you’ve been eyeing off!

So, whether you’re bored at work, sitting on a bus or just simply can’t get enough of gem hunting, our app and mobile site are perfect for quickly and easily finding exactly what you’re after in no time at all.



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