Weather-Resistant Garden Furniture for Every Season

Weather-Resistant Garden Furniture For Every Season

Unless your backyard has a lot of undercover space to store your garden furniture, you’ll probably need to invest in durable, weather-resistant options that can withstand the elements and stay in top-quality condition. We share some of our tips for finding weather-proof outdoor garden furniture that stands up to any Australian season.

Plastic fantastic: plastic & synthetic garden furniture

Plastic garden furniture has come a long way from its cheap and dowdy beginnings. You can find an array of high-quality plastic furniture, including pieces that are designed to look like garden furniture made from more expensive materials such as metal. Plastic garden chairs and tables are lightweight and easy to clean, and they also retain their original look in all but the most extreme heat or prolonged sunlight exposure. While plastic is great for most weather, it’s not ideal for windy areas like balconies that aren’t enclosed and protected.

To protect your plastic garden furniture it pays to get yourself some covers that can help to reduce damage caused by sun exposure. Covers can also help to weigh furniture down in anything but the strongest winds.

You can also find eco-friendly garden furniture which is made from sustainable synthetic materials or recycled plastics.

Metal magic: aluminium & powder-coated garden furniture

Looking for the magical combination of style, durability and weight? Aluminium and other styles of powder-coated garden furniture look great, come in a range of styles to suit any home decor, and can be affordable to boot. They also won’t rust or corrode like other metals, and they’re easy to wipe clean and maintain.

If you’re going for coloured powder-coated furniture, look for UV resistant paint finishes to help keep colours looking bright. Also, check for rust that can form around the joints of aluminium furniture if an anti-corrosion coating hasn’t been applied for protection.

If your outdoor area has limited shade your furniture could get hot on a typical Australian summer’s day, so stick with materials like teak or mesh in these conditions. Alternatively, look no further than aluminium and Textilene garden furniture for the perfect combination of tough metal frames and durable fabric seats to avoid the burn.

Timber time: teak garden furniture

Want to match your timber house and garden furniture? Believe it or not, teak is one of the most stylish and weather-proof outdoor furniture materials, with the ability to withstand the climate while delivering a beautiful beachside feel. It’s wind-resistant, rustproof and handles water well.

High-quality garden furniture made from teakwood ages well to a natural patina, or you can bring it back to its original beauty with sanding and refinishing every few years. If you’re not too keen on maintenance, invest in some stylish, on-trend coloured or black garden furniture covers for protection.

You can get durable, weatherproof garden furniture that matches your yard and lifestyle, and can withstand whatever the elements throw at it as well. Once you’ve found the right furniture, time to accessorise with weather-resistant cushions and outdoor accessories, all of which you can commonly find for a bargain price on Gumtree.

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