What Holden small cars have to offer: explore the range

What Holden Small Cars Have To Offer: Explore The Range

If you’re looking for a smaller car manufactured by a well-known brand that has high functionality at affordable resale prices, then you should check out Holden small cars on Gumtree Australia. You’ll find a great range of hatchbacks and sedans to get you from A to B with style. Whether you have your own Holden to list on Gumtree or want to find your next set of wheels, read on to see which model is best for you, or what features to focus on in your car listing.

Holden Astra

First built in 1984, with the latest release in 2020, the Holden Astra ranges in price, generally from around $900 to $26,500. The Astra excels in cabin space (in both hatchback and sedan form) and comes with 6-speed transmission in manual and automatic transmissions, suitable for either licence holders. While it can intake a lot of fuel when driven hard, it still manages excellent fuel economy. If you’re looking for a bargain, this is a great option for you, with Gumtree listing cars across Australia.

Holden Commodore

If you’re looking for a classic Holden body, then the Holden Commodore sedan is the most recognisable choice. Commodores feature petrol engines with a 9-speed torque converter, or 8-speed for diesel, providing power to take you further and faster. When it comes to safety specs, that’s where the Commodore gets an outstanding mark. The newer versions have a reversing camera plus front and back parking sensors—not to mention a self-parking system to help out when it’s a tight fit. Branching out into more assisted technology, they also have automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist, forward collision alert and more. Due to its special safety assistance, this would be a great family car, taking a bit of pressure off long family drives.

Holden Cruze

The Holden Cruze, also known as the Daewoo Lacetti Premiere, was manufactured from 2002 to 2018. It sold over 175,000 models, proving to be a very popular car for Australian families. Cruze’s were mostly marketed as petrol and manual—automatics, however, made up at least a third of the market. While the transmission is said to be timid, the Holden Cruze hatchback received a five-star ANCAP safety rating, competing well with the classic Holden Commodore’s safety benefits.

Holden Barina

The Holden Barina is a quiet powerhouse. It delivers a pleasant drive thanks to great suspension and is highly regarded for its fuel efficiency and cabin capacity despite its compact size. For the continued improvement and maintenance of the vehicle, reviews commonly reveal how affordable parts are—with proper servicing and care your Barina can remain with you for the long-haul. The Holden Barina is a great vehicle for a first car and is also highly valued by older demographics due to its simplicity and ease of driving.

Holden small cars make up part of Gumtree’s best small car range and have great options if you’re looking for a compact vehicle with excellent safety standards. Don’t miss out on a good deal—head to Gumtree Australia and check out what small Holden cars are on offer near you.

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