What is the average salary in Australia?


Ever wonder how much you are earning, compared to the Australian average? Could you be earning more money this year?

According to the ABS, the Full-Time Adult Average Weekly Total Earnings in November 2016 was $1,592.40, a rise of 2.2% from the same time November 2015. This may seem like a lot, but if you’re like me and find that the more you earn the more you spend – then you may be wanting to put more money in your pocket? How about looking in your own house and backyard?

There’s new research that reveals the Second Hand Economy is now worth a staggering $40 billion dollars – a rise of more than $10 billion compared to 2015. The Second Hand Economy Report*, highlights the financial benefit of accessing the second hand economy market.

The research reveals selling unwanted items online means more than just pocket money and shows that many savvy Australians are tapping into the second hand economy market and boosting their incomes.

If you have records and CDs sitting around your house – you may be able to make money by selling them on Gumtree.

The report indicates that most common unused items Australia have sitting at home* include:

We all have books laying around the house, why not update your library and sell them – or you could buy a Kindle?

The most popular categories on Gumtree (according to volume of listings) are:

With games being 49% of the most unused items Australians have sitting at home* – now is a good a time as any to sell and make some cash.

The Second Hand Economy Report indicates that this substantial rise in the second hand economy is largely driven by the 89% of people who are holding onto an average of 25 unnecessary items per household – equating to a value of more than $5,200. This is an increase of nearly $1,000 than last year.*

Plenty of Australians are reaping the rewards of the second hand economy rather than letting their unwanted goods collect dust, with 84 million used goods sold in the last 12 months. The Second Hand Economy Report suggests that the estimated value of the untapped second hand selling market is now reportedly more than $26 billion dollars. 62% of Australians who are buying second hand via an online marketplace do so to save money. As 90% of people have already purchased at least one second hand item at some stage, it’s a great time to tap into this market with buyers reporting savings of almost 50%, on average.*

So, if you’re like me and love to spend – spend some time on Gumtree to sell some of your unwanted goods and maybe pick up an item or two. Or start your job search on Gumtree to get above the average salary.

*Gumtree commissioned Second Hand Economy Report, by Galaxy Research, August 2016

**Gumtree data September 2016

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