What’s the Best Fridge for You?

What's The Best Fridge For You?

There are several things to think about before buying a fridge. In addition to brand and budget, you’ll need to consider capacity, energy efficiency and the space you have available. We’re here to help you figure out which is the best fridge for you and set you up for finding the perfect one on Gumtree.

Fridge size

First of all, consider the space you want your fridge to fit into. Make sure to measure up before you start looking and think about how the fridge is going to work in the space—for example, should the hinge be on the left or the right? Do you need to get it through any tight doorways or up a flight of stairs on the way in?

Once you know how big you can go, it’s also worth considering how much space you actually need. For one to two people, a fridge capacity of 250–380 L is generally appropriate and more cost-effective than larger sizes. For three to four people, you’d need a capacity of 350–550 L and for five or more people we recommend at least 440 L.

Energy-efficient fridges

Did you know that your fridge can be one of the main contributors to a high electricity bill? As well as helping you do your bit for the environment, choosing a more energy-efficient fridge could have a significant impact on your household costs.

Older fridges or fridges that have poor rubber insulation on the doors can be more expensive to run. If the doors don’t seal properly, cold air might escape, meaning your fridge has to work overtime to keep your food chilled.

The more energy-efficient your fridge is, the better it is for the planet and your pocket. Look out for the energy rating on the fridge door—a higher star rating means the unit will be cheaper to operate. When buying a used fridge, if you can’t see the energy rating in the listing, ask the seller about it before arranging a pickup.


Another thing to consider is the freezer. Think about whether you want a single-door fridge with a freezer compartment inside or a separate freezer at the top or bottom of your fridge.

Fridges with freezers enclosed are usually cheaper, but the freezer is often small. Generally, freezers at the top of the fridge are more energy-efficient than those at the bottom. That said, you may prefer bottom freezers because they can offer better access and capacity—check out LG and Kogan models for options with large freezers.

Fridge features and maintenance

Once you’ve figured out roughly what you’re looking for, there are some important details to consider that could improve the hygiene and lifespan of your fridge.

If you opt for a fridge with a freezer, auto-defrost is a great feature to look out for—most modern fridges have it. It’s also worth making sure any shelves and trays remove easily for cleaning.

Finally, we suggest you check if your chosen brand offers customer service in your region. Big brands such as Westinghouse, Electrolux and Samsung provide contact numbers for service centres and spare parts sellers around Australia.

Once you’re ready to start your search, browse fridges online at Gumtree to find a good deal near you.

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