Which cars hold the most value overtime?


Whether you’re looking for a car or own one and want to know it’s worth, this article is to give you some insight into which cars hold the most value – once you’ve driven them out of the showroom.

When you’re shopping around for a car or selling one on the secondhand market, it’s always good to look for cars with high retained value – for resale and trade.

This is all well and good, but what is a good car that holds its value? Well, we’ve put together a list of cars in different categories that hold their resale value. If you’re looking to sell your car or looking to buy a car, this list should give you a good indicator of the cars that hold their value and their worth on the second-hand market:

Mid-range Luxury Car – BMW M3

2007 BMW M3 E92 Red 6 Speed Manual Coupe – $47,777.00


If you’re looking for a car that holds its value and turns heads at the same time, look no further than this 2007 BMW M3. With 6 speed manual shift, Novillo Black leather seating, sunroof and M Drive comfort access system – this car is an absolute beauty!

Entry Luxury Car – Lexus IS350

Lexus IS350 F Sport – $50,990.00


This 8 speed automatic 3.5L V6 Lexus is a masterpiece – this is the perfect car for your daily work commute and for a nice weekend getaway. With an awesome sound system and a fresh look, you’ll be the pilot of your own destination. And if you ever want to part with this car, you can be reassured that it will hold its value.

Medium Car – Subaru Liberty

2008 Subaru Liberty GT – $12,990.00


This is a beautiful vehicle with the power of a WRX and the interior refinement of a European luxury car.

This is the last of the 4th Generation models and comes with many features carried over to the 5th Generation. Subaru’s amazing ‘Si Drive’ gives you the option of cruising around in Intelligent drive (best fuel economy for every day) and Sport mode for spirited driving.

The gearbox is a super smooth 5 speed Automatic with sport mode and paddle shift changes possible via the steering wheel Paddles. Suspension is factory ‘Bilstein’ Struts and sport springs.

Large Car – Jaguar XF

2011 Jaguar XF X250  – $42,777.00


The 2011 Jaguar XF Luxury holds its value because it offers a compelling combination of fast, nimble performance as well as a classy, refined, and seductive interior. Overall, there’s nothing heavy-handed or retro about the look of the 2011 Jaguar XF Luxury – it stands out as an extraordinarily modern interpretation yet also an instant classic, with all the catlike cues and curves that should have been in Jaguar’s styling notebook for the past decade.

This vehicle combines impressive performance and economy with 293Nm & 175Kw really suited for any city or country roads. The mesh grilles and classic proportions are all here but you almost expect to see the Jaguar XF in an Infiniti showroom with its softly sculptured roofline, faceted hood and smartly irregular headlamps. From the back, it’s as close to an Aston Martin as any sedan comes, sports tailpipes, and bigger wheels, along with a new black grille.

And inside, the XF’s cabin delights drivers even more than the exterior, as well as a groovy puck-shaped shifter knob that rises to attention when the ignition button’s pressed and reminds us of high-end audio systems. Vents roll open to life, and ambient lighting begins to glow. This Iconic brand has done it again.

Sports Car – Porsche 911

2004 Porsche 911 Carrera 997 S  – $84,990.00


The amazing Porsche 911 Carrera 997 S Coupe is a beautiful rear engine sports car – with the timelessly traditional shape that speaks of decades past and the handling and technology of today.

The automatic transmission is quick; the throttle response is a dream – not to mention the 3.8L petrol engine outputs a massive 261kW and 400Nm of torque straight into the rear wheels. This magical machine holds its value for its iconic looks and the fact that it oozes cool.

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